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Happy Birthday Vikram: Five films that made Cobra star a favourite of the masses


Actor Vikram is celebrating his 55th birthday today. And he seems to be only getting handsome by the day. But, he is not just a pretty face. It won’t be wrong to call him a once-in-a-generation talent. Vikram has delivered several intense performances starting from Sethu (1999). He has acted in tear-jerkers such as Kasi and Pithamagan. He was exuberantly tender in Deiva Thirumagal. And he redefined masculinity and villainy with his performance in Raavanan. Between his Oscar-worthy performances, the actor has also delivered some memorable out-and-out commercial entertainers.

Here are five movies that made Vikram a favourite of the masses:


Written and directed by Dharani, Dhill follows the struggles of a young man Kanagavel, who aspires to join the police force. And he has all the qualifications: he’s got the height, physique, smarts, and he is honest. Also, he is brave. And that kind of irks a corrupt police officer, who does everything within his power to prevent Kanagavel from becoming a cop.


“O Podu” song was a huge rage in the early 2000s. Perhaps, it deserves a lion’s share for making Gemini a big hit at the time. Vikram plays a young and ambitious gangster in the movie. So what happens when he falls in love with a girl, who thinks he is a decent, innocent and peace-loving college student? What follows is a lot of deception, humour and action.


It is Dharani again. Action drama Dhool revolves around a village toughie. He is not formally educated, but he’s street smart, which seems right enough to take a big city like Chennai by storm. The film follows Vikram’s Arumugam, who is determined to shut down a factory that’s polluting the drinking water of his village. It seems fairly easy at the beginning. The plot thickens when he accidentally upends the sinister plan of a corrupt politician.



Written and directed by Hari, 2003 film Saamy further cemented Vikram’s stardom. Vikram plays a cop who bends a few rules to protect the rule of law from criminals. He plays by his own rules and even metes out his own brand of justice. The neurotic tension of the film will keep you on the edge.


Vikram plays a man with a hair-trigger temper. He can’t stand anyone using bad words in front of him. His anger knows no bounds at times. So much so that he might just beat a person to death in broad daylight and on a busy street in a fit of rage. But, what happens when he uses his anger to protect the helpless from corrupt men?