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Happy Lohri 2020 Images, GIF, HD Pictures, Photos, Whatsapp DP to share on 13th January – rexoxer



Happy Lohri 2020 Images, GIF, HD Pictures, Photos, Whatsapp DP to share on 13th January: Lohri is one of the most awaited North Indian festivals. Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January every year. this festival comes with charm and fun where everyone takes part in it holistically. Children enjoy the day and their happiness knew no bounds when they come to know that they are going to receive a lot of gifts and food items from their parents and neighbors. Every year special arrangement is done and this year too Happy Lohri 2020 will be celebrated with the same gusto and energy. 

There is no need to provide evidence about the level of energy inside everybody. The special holiday is declared for this day and people of almost all the religions take part in it whole-heartedly. This festival is celebrated mostly by Sikhs and Hindus. The day when Lohri is celebrated signifies that there is the end of the winter and lord Sun will shower his mercy on the people. People worship lord Sun and welcome him again after a long gap of winters. Rabi crops are harvested and farmers enjoy their first harvesting of the season. 

Happy Lohri 2020 Images, GIF, HD Pictures, Photos, Whatsapp DP to share on 13th January

Happy Lohri Images

The celebration of Lohri is incomplete without the wishes of elders and youngsters. People send greetings and good wishes to each other for their prosperity and wellness. 

Images for Lohri 2020

Happy Lohri

We all are living in a world that is completely running with the aid of social networking sites. Life has been easier with all these things so there is no need to put extra efforts while sending good wishes to nearer and dearer. People send Happy Lohri Images to each other and celebrate the day with gusto and zest. 

Happy Lohri


Images of Lohri contain the picture of the new year, harvesting fields and especially the picture of the traditional drum which is the repute of the Punjabis. They are live and vibrant people. Celebration in their home is worth watching. They dance on the beats of the drum and they rock the floor. Images can be of that sort too. The celebration needs no caption as the name Lohri is enough to arise curiosity inside the heart of anyone. 

Wish with Lohri images

Happy Lohri 2020

On the day of Lohri, lots of greetings and messages are exchanged between relatives, friends and family members. People use WhatsApp to wish their nearby and relatives with best wishes and greetings. Happy Lohri Images for Whatsapp can be seen everywhere as everybody is busy sending images via WhatsApp to each other. Images of Lohri come with heart charming views like they contain such things that rob the heart. Images can be self-created or they can be downloaded from the internet. On the day of the festival, the inbox of almost all the WhatsApp users is filled with images of Lohri. The way they express their feelings for each other is simply exquisite. 

Happy Lohri Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Lohri Images for Whatsapp

Wish in an attractive manner

Happy Lohri 2020 GIF

One of the most attractive ways to wish people and relatives on the day of Lohri is GIF. A lot of GIFs will be exchanged that day and it will be an attractive wish for your friends and family members. You can download Happy Lohri GIF from anywhere and forward it to your nearer and dearer. GIF is trending everywhere, and especially on social networking sites for their attractive and fascinating way of representing the message. There is no need to mention anything extra if you had already sent the GIF to anyone. GIF is enough to convey your message of health and prosperity to your friends and relatives. 

Happy Lohri GIF for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Lohri GIF

Pictures for Lohri

Lohri GIF

The day of Lohri is busy, everybody is busy in executing their plans they have fixed prior Lohri. They share Happy Lohri Pictures on that day or prior the day to teach others for best wishes and greetings. Their joy knew no bounds and they express their bursting emotions via pictures. The most fascinating thing about this festival is that people celebrate this together with and they take pictures with each other so that they can cherish it long. Pictures come with memories and lots of things that are beyond imagination. Harmony can be seen on the day of Lohri as everybody celebrates the worshipping of God Sun together with their family or relatives. Neighbors also join at some places and the scene is completely mesmerizing when families come together to celebrate the day by forgetting all pangs and miseries of the past.

Happy Lohri Animation

Happy Lohri Animation

Happy Lohri Pictures

Happy Lohri Pictures

Photos for memories

Lohri Photos

The most amazing moment during any celebration or festival is all about clicking photos. Clicking photos speak aloud that unity is the biggest thing in this world. After clicking photos with each other, people share Happy Lohri Photos so that others too can feel the same gusto as the sender is feeling then. Children, adults, old members of the family come together and then clicks photos as a token of celebration. Moments of photo sessions can’t be forgotten and they cherish it long. Lohri is celebrated every year, but still, some of the members fail to attend the grand celebration, that’s why photos are clicked so that those living in distant places can have the look of the celebration.

Happy Lohri Photos

Happy Lohri Photos

Display picture of Lohri

The festival is celebrated by all in their style and manner. Some celebrate it by singing and dancing, some celebrate it by eating and enjoying the company, etc. Some of the interested people put Happy Lohri Whatsapp DP for the sake of their passion. Putting such DP adds gusto inside the heart of those who are watching it. 

Happy Lohri Whatsapp DP

Happy Lohri Whatsapp DP

The month of January is one of the great day for Sikhs and Hindu people as they enjoy this day with complete passion and enthusiasm. There are no words to express their air of excitement and the evening of the celebration can’t be described in words and it is beyond description. People celebrate this day by remembering lord Sun and by thanking him for appearing again to shower his mercy and blessing to all. The festival of Lohri brings happiness and prosperity to all. This is the festival, which is celebrated by all without any problem.

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Germany ‘at crossroads’ as Covid cases surge across Europe | Coronavirus



Germany’s top health officials have raised the prospect of a national lockdown, warning that a rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases and a dramatic increase in the number of patients in intensive care meant contact reduction was the only way of tackling the crisis and avoiding “the road to chaos”.

“We need a massive contact reduction immediately,” said Prof Lothar Wieler, the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s federal disease control agency.

He called on political leaders to utilise all available measures to prevent gatherings in large numbers and to urge the public to avoid any unnecessary contacts with people outside their own households, as the incidence rate in Germany rose by 75,400, a week-on-week increase of 44%.

“I expect right now for the decision-makers to trigger all measures in order that we can bring down the incidence rate together,” Wieler said. “We are at a crossroads. We have one choice. Either we choose the road that leads to chaos and to a bad end … or the one which unburdens the health system and maybe enables a peaceful Christmas.”

Germany’s outgoing health minister, Jens Spahn, called the situation “dramatically serious, to the extent that it has never been at any point in this pandemic”. He added: “It is half an hour after midnight, but some people have still failed to hear the alarm.”

Of 22,000 available intensive care beds in Germany, 4,000 are occupied with coronavirus patients, 85% of whom need breathing assistance. Their average age is between 50 and 79 years. Wieler said while the figure might not seem that high to some, it marked an increase of 100% in a week, and even if there were no new infections, 1,000 more patients could be expected to end up in intensive care within the next 10 to 14 days. Elective surgery around Germany has been cancelled to free up beds and staff.

Germany: number of new coronavirus cases per day

Germany’s air force is on call to transport patients from full hospitals to those with capacity.

Spahn called for decision-makers on the federal and state level to recognise the urgency of the situation and bring forward a meeting planned for 9 December. He said it would be foolhardy to wait for 10 days, as the participants had said they planned to do, in order to see whether the current measures in place were working.

“The medical staff don’t have 10 days to wait and see,” Spahn said. He criticised the fact the Christmas markets were in full swing in Berlin while the city’s university hospital, the Charité, was full. “It is just not appropriate at this time,” he said.

Wieler also expressed his concern over the newly detected variant in southern Africa.

Both men urged Germans to get vaccinated or, if they had already done so, to get booster shots. Spahn said that between 20 and 30m vaccines would be administered before Christmas. Just over 68% of Germans have been fully vaccinated.

Incidence rates across Europe are rising fast. Portugal, which has vaccinated 86% of its population, is reintroducing a series of restrictions as cases continue to rise. On Thursday the prime minister, António Costa, announced that from 1 December, face masks would once again be obligatory in enclosed spaces and that a digital certificate showing vaccination or recovery would be needed to enter restaurants, hotels and cinemas. All those entering hospitals, care homes, bars, clubs and sports events will need to show a negative test. From 1 December, anyone flying into Portugal will need to show a negative test result – even if they have a digital vaccination certificate.

Catalonia – which had become the latest Spanish region to decree that Covid passports are needed to get into bars, restaurants, gyms and care homes – was forced to suspend the requirement until at least Monday after “very intense” demand crashed the system for downloading the passes. The passports are also in use in Aragón, the Balearic islands, Galicia, Murcia and Navarre, but their specific use varies between regions.

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has said plans to restrict flights from South Africa and Botswana will be proposed at the next cabinet meeting, which is scheduled for next Tuesday. To date, 89.2% of Spaniards aged over 12 have received two doses of the vaccine.

In the Netherlands the government is due to announce new measures on Friday to tackle a rise in infections. Despite about 85% of the adult population being fully vaccinated, cases hit a record high of nearly 24,000 on Wednesday, about 40% more than the previous week, with hospitals close to capacity. This month the government reintroduced mask-wearing and ordered bars and restaurants to close at 8pm.

Switzerland is planning a referendum on Sunday in which voters can decide on how far the national government’s powers to respond to the pandemic can go. The question will focus on whether the government has the continued authority to insist on certificates to enter bars, restaurants, cultural and sporting events. Cases there are rising and just over 65% of the population is fully vaccinated, one of the lowest in Europe.

Austria became the first country in western Europe to re-enter lockdown on Monday and also announced a vaccine mandate from February.

It was followed by neighbouring Slovakia, which on Wednesday entered a two-week lockdown after the health ministry said that hospital admissions had reached a “critical point”. Less than 50% of the population is fully vaccinated.

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‘Draconian’ Covid travel bans are ‘misdirected’, South African health minister says



File photo of South Africa Health Minister Joe Phaahla | Flickr

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Johannesburg: The travel bans imposed on South Africa by a growing number of nations due to the new potentially highly-transmissible variant of COVID-19 in this country is draconian and misdirected , Health Minister Joe Phaahla has said.

The new COVID-19 variant B.1.1.529, first detected in South Africa this week, was on Friday designated as a Variant of Concern by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which named it Omicron .

“We feel that it’s a wrong approach. It is misdirected and it goes against the norms as advised by the WHO. We just feel that some of the leaderships of (these) countries are finding scapegoats to deal with what is a worldwide problem,” Phaahla said at a news briefing late Friday evening.

A variant of concern is the WHO’s top category of worrying COVID-19 variants. It was first reported to the WHO from South Africa on November 24, and has also been identified in Botswana, Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel.

“It is ironic that we are currently talking about a situation in South Africa today about small samples, (even though) we are concerned about rising numbers from the low levels of about 300 per day just over 14 days ago; to where we are now approaching 3,000 (cases),” Phaahla said.

“It is a significant rise, but in comparison to some of the countries which are now reacting in this very draconian manner, we are talking about countries that have an infection rate of upwards of 40,000 new infections per day,” he said, contrasting the COVID-19 situation in Europe and his country.

“We don’t want to apportion blame, but just in terms of the way the virus moves as people move, it is not inconceivable that it might be possible that this may have even arisen in those countries which have been even more liberal in terms of crowds with no masks at stadiums and so on, the minister said, adding that the travel ban on South Africa are “unjustified”.

Many parts of Europe and the US have opened up stadiums for crowds at sports matches and concerts.

Phaahla said he was aware that the announcement on Thursday by South African scientists about the discovery of the new variant had caused some consternation and uncertainty.

This is expected in a situation of this nature, where we are dealing with a moving target, but we want to assure South Africans and people elsewhere in the world that we believe that some of the action has actually been unjustified, Phahhla said.

I’m referring here specifically to the countries in Europe.”

All that we did together with our scientists who made the discovery of this variant was basically to be in line with the norms and standards as prescribed by the WHO – that as a world community as we deal with this pandemic and any other matter which challenges the world health as a whole, rather than just individual countries we should act with transparency, he said.

The UK announced on Thursday that all flights to and from South Africa and five neighbouring countries would be banned from Friday following an announcement that the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 had been detected in South Africa.

Many other European countries followed suit, most of them indicating that only their own citizens would be allowed back, subject to a quarantine period.

Foreign minister Naledi Pandor also slammed the UK’s for its decision, which was emulated by others, of imposing travel ban on South Africa.

Whilst we respect the right of all countries to take necessary precautionary measures to protect their citizens, we need to remember that this pandemic requires collaboration and sharing of expertise, she said.

Our immediate concern is the damage that these restrictions are causing to families, the travel and tourism industries and businesses, Pandor added.

Along with South Africa, its neighbouring states — Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Malawi, Zambia and Angola — have also been slapped with travel bans, crippling their economies which are largely reliant on tourism.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) in a statement urged world leaders not to implement knee-jerk policy decisions in response to the detection of the Omicron variant.

DIRCO said it noted that new variants have been detected in other countries as well and each of those cases had no recent links with Southern Africa.

It’s worth noting that the reaction to those countries is starkly different to cases in Southern Africa…This latest round of travel bans is akin to punishing South Africa for its advanced genomic sequencing and the ability to detect new variants quicker. Excellent science should be applauded and not punished, it said.

DIRCO officials are in discussion with the countries that have banned travel to and from South Africa to dissuade them from continuing the restrictions.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday convened a meeting with the country’s leading virologists and the Coronavirus Command Council. He is expected to address the nation on the current Covid situation on Sunday evening.

While some analysts expect him to announce a firming up of the current lowest Level One of a five-level lockdown strategy, others, including the business sector, have urged him not to move to a harsher level as it would cause even greater harm to the economy, which was just beginning to recover after a one-and-a-half year of lockdown.

Phaahla said the scientists who are constantly monitoring the mutation of the virus informed the authorities so that the WHO and the health sector all over the world could also stay informed.

At no stage did (our scientists) say that they have evidence that this virus is more transmissible. They simply said that as has been the case with other mutations, some of them have had the effect of being more transmissible without also necessarily meaning that in terms of its seriousness (it would have) more impact on the severity of illness,” he said.

The scientists did emphasise that these are very early stages in terms of the specifics of how this new variant is going to unfold, the minister said. Phaahla reiterated that there was no evidence that the current vaccines would be ineffective against the new mutation.

We want to dispel any notion, as has been bandied about by various commentators. At no stage did the scientists who discovered this variant say that (it) would be resistant to the vaccines which are being utilised, he emphasised.

Earlier, South African Medical Research Council CEO Professor Glenda Gray came out in defence of the scientists who had flagged the new variant. Gray said releasing such information could assist in changing behaviour and result in reducing the spread of the virus.

“When you discover a new variant of concern or discover something that can have an impact on transmissions, it behoves you to alert the country. The scientists were doing their job. We don’t know how this new variant will impact us or on vaccine efficacy. If this alert makes people vaccinate, that’s a good thing, she told website.

Gray opined that banning international travel was not an effective way of stopping the spread of new variants.

“I think that it’s hard to contain variants – we saw with the Delta variant. By the time people recognised that a variant is present in the country it has probably already moved. I’m not convinced that restrictions on travel help. It didn’t help us with Delta, and I’m not sure it will help with this, she said.

Dr Richard Lessells, an infectious diseases expert who is part of the KwaZulu-Natal Research and Innovation Sequencing Platform (KRISP) team, who along with Professor Tulio de Oliveira announced the detection of the new variant, said there was sufficient reason to be concerned, but work had already begun on answering important questions posed by the variant.

Lessells said Omicron was different from the Delta variant, first detected in India. Much of the science done to understand the Delta variant was done collaboratively around the world, he said. — PTI

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