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Harper And Millicent iCarly Reboot Hairstyles


Just look at the Black excellence✨!

Earlier this month, the first three episodes of the highly anticipated iCarly reboot aired on Paramount+, and it’s been the talk of the internet ever since.

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While everyone is talking about where Sam is or Carly’s newfound use of ~spicy words~, I wanna talk about something that hasn’t been as widely discussed: Harper and Millicent’s beautiful hairstyles!

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Harper is Carly’s new roommate, and Millicent is Freddie’s adopted stepdaughter, for those who haven’t watched yet.  

I mean, come on! Each and every look was absolutely incredible and deserves a round of applause!

And we can thank Cora Diggins for all of the fantastic hairstyles on this season of the show!

Some fans have noticed just how amazing Millicent and Harper look and even tweeted about how good the hairstyles were.

Franchesca Ramsey, one of the writers/producers on the show, noticed the praise and added, “That’s what happens when your key hairstylist is BLACK.”

After having my hair messed up on too many sets to count (or just being forced to do my own) this was a TOP priority for me. Brainstorming on how to get more Black stylists in the union cause it makes SUCH a big difference

Twitter: @chescaleigh

She also talked about her experience working on sets where there were no Black hairstylists and how after having her hair messed up too many times (or even being forced to do it herself), it became a priority of hers to get more Black hairstylists on sets.

Many celebrities have come forward with their frustrating experiences on sets with no Black hairstylists, and it’s opened an important conversation about the importance of diversity in Hollywood — not only on screen, but also behind the scenes.

@chescaleigh No lies were told! I wrote about needing more Black hairstylists in Hollywood for Teen Vogue. https://t.co/HmV6MOIhEZ

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Here’s an article from Teen Vogue that was written in February about the importance of having Black hairstylists in Hollywood.

Kat Graham, who played Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries, recently spoke about how wearing wigs and lace fronts damaged her hair for years. If she didn’t wear a wig, she was forced to straighten her hair.

Quantrell Colbert / CW / Courtesy: Everett Collection

“The glue, the wig clips, and the braids were hard on my hair,” she said. “After that, I said, ‘I’m done.’ I just want to have a master fro.”

Monique Coleman, best known for playing Taylor Mckessie in the High School Musical franchise, said that Hollywood has grown in the way it supports the needs of Black actresses, but she also shared some past frustrations. She didn’t only wear headbands on HSM for style, but also because her hair wasn’t being done properly.

Fred Hayes / Disney Channel / Courtesy: Everett Collection

“But the truth is, is that they had done my hair and they had done it very poorly in the front. And we had to start filming before I had a chance to fix it. I was very lucky because the wardrobe department was very open to our feedback,” she said in her interview with Insider

These aren’t the first instances where Black actors have spoken about their experiences being on set where there are no Black hairstylists or people who know how to work with Black hair.

Most black actresses come to a new set w/ their hair done (me) or bring their wigs & clip-ins w/them. It’s either that or take a chance that you will look crazy on screen. Many of us also bring our own foundation. One too many times seeing no shade that matches you will learn ya! https://t.co/mGAzpuoKtb

Yvette Nicole Brown / Via Twitter: @YNB

So, as a Black woman, it’s super pleasing to see more Black hairstylists on sets and more Black actors having their hair properly done and taken care of. I can’t wait to see more of Harper and Millicent’s STUNNING looks on this season of iCarly!

You can watch iCarly on Paramount+ on Thursdays.

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