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Health problems you could be facing due to wrong postures


People with irregular heartbeat and chest pain rush to get medical tests to diagnose their problem. Those returning with an all-clear could be merely having tightness in the chest due to poor posture. Constant wheezing and coughing results in tight chest muscles and an erroneous posture. According to Dr. Kyle Staller of Harvard Medical School, heartburn and slow digestion is caused by “slouching as it puts pressure on the abdomen which forces stomach acids to move in the wrong direction.”

An incorrect forward head posture produces tightness around the neck and head leading to blocked ears and jaw pain. Constantly standing on one leg, or sitting with one leg up, tilts the hip, degenerating into a deviated waist and navel. This, in turn, irritates the lower back and knees.

Many are unaware of improper foot positions. Unequal pressure on the feet is the root cause of poor foot mechanics. This advances into calf and achilles pain and can aggravate into bow legs, shin splints and knee surgery. Flat feet and constantly collapsed arches while standing or walking progresses into bunions.

Poor posture disturbs blood circulation, leading to varicose veins and nerve constrictions, which pinch nerves in the neck, lower back and shoulder. Accidents can lead to brain and nervous system trauma that affect the body’s posture. Neural and brain exercises help in restoring balance to the left and right side of the body.

Postural and corrective exercises

Specific postural exercises enhance our performance in activities that we are passionate about like running, sports, hiking, playing cards, chess, travelling, photography, etc. Good body mechanics in all our activities contribute towards better quality of life, not only in youth, but also for continued enjoyment throughout our life — old age is not an impediment.