Here is a list of Tamil movies that have a storyline based on a social issue


A list of Tamil movies based on social issues

A list of Tamil movies based on social issues&nbsp

Tamil cinema directors have always taken characters from real life and projected them bigger on screen. Most of the time when these directors make movies out of something that is common in our day-to-day life, the turn the everyday characters into larger-than-life personas on the big screen and on many occasions, these films are based on societal issues and concerns. 

There are directors who always take up a social issue as the main plot in their cinema and today welist some of those movies that spoke about raging social issues and were commercially viable at the box office.


social mesage in movies, joker

This film deals with the life of a common man who is affected by the corruptions involved in the implementation of government schemes. The film is set in the backdrop of a rural village where there are no proper sanitation facilities. The story revolves around the life of Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) and his wife Malliga (Ramya Pandian) and how corruption has eroded the family’s happiness. Along with that the film also speaks about a lot of political issues with Mannar mannan’s character. Though the film is made satirical, at some places the movie will make your eyes get teary. 

Pariyerum Perumal

social mesage in movies, pariyerum perumal

This film was considered to be one of the best films when it released. This film’s director Mari Selvaraj was highly appreciated for his projection of the lead character as someone who faces humiliation but still decides to deal with it in a more sensible way. This film was based on caste-based discrimination happening in the rural town of Tamil Nadu for a young law student named Pariyan (Kathir). With some strong visuals and a perfect climax, this film was one nicely made contemporary venture dealing with a caste issue. 


social mesage in movies, indian

This mega-hit film released in 1996 and had actor Kamal Hassan essay dual roles. The film deals with corruption in government offices. In the film, Senadhibathi (Kamal Hassan) a 70-year-old veteran freedom fighter loses his only daughter as a consequence of not willing to pay a bribe. This makes him become more intimidating and at one point he starts killing the corrupt government officers. The film has multiple iconic references and scenes but the one which takes the cake is when he has to kill his own son Chandru(Kamal Hassan) for being corrupt.


social mesage in movies, vijay

This film deals with the issue of water scarcity and was a blockbuster featuring the actor Vijay – director Murugadoss combo. Strong political dialogue in the film coupled with a touchy flashback story that spoke about the struggles of farmers in a village name Thannuthu resonated with the audience making it a commercially hit social film.


social mesage in movies, anniyan

Director Shankar’s film Anniyan was well received by the audience as the film spoke about many issues and also dealt with the unique concept of multiple personality disorder. The director played with the audience by creating a very innocent and  obedient lead character who turns to be psychologically affected by the injustice and disobedience happening around him. This film not just focused on one social issue but on many and the most important among them being the simple carlessness of this society. 

Merku Thodarchi Malai

social mesage in movies, merku thodarchi malai

This movie speaks about the lives of the people in the Western Ghats who work in the elaichi farms of that area, with the hope that they will become owners of at least a small piece of land someday. But misfortune strikes and they end up becoming someone who los their identity at the end and also loses their land to corporates. The film was fresh as the director cast few real-life people of those areas rather than going with hiring actors to perform the roles in the film. It spoke about how the introduction of commercialization creates conflict in the simple lives of simple villagers.  


social mesage in movies, 2.0

Director Shankar is one director who always tries to make a film that deals with some social issue and as a sequel of Endhiran the director took the concept of cellphone radiations that affect the birds around us and choreographed it at a mega-budget level. The film had Akshaya Kumar playing the role of Pakshirajan and the graphics element of cell phones flying, transforming into Megatron, and a lot of other efforts that made the film speak about a common issue in a bigger and grander level. 


social message, aruvi

Aruvi is a film that has a female lead role played by Actress Aditi Balan. The lead character in the film is a girl named Aruvi who is discerned from society for a mistake that she is not liable for. The girl gets to meet a series of men who try and make use of her situation as she is away from the family. Then one day she finally decides to teach these men and society a lesson through a popular television show. The movie perfectly depicted the anger of a normal girl who is a blamed victim of this society.


social mesage in movies, visaranai

Director Vetrimaaran’s most acclaimed film. It was inspired by a novel and had a plot where few youngsters who get caught by the police in some other state are tortured under custody to turn approver for a crime in which they were not involved in. These custodial tortures and lockup deaths happened in recent times and made headlines in newspapers but this film conveyed this message long back. 


Tamil movies with social messahe, aram

The lady Superstar Nayanthara played the role of a district collector in a rural village of Tamil Nadu. The movie was directed by a debut director Gopi Ninar. The issue it spoke about was a serious one that we come across now and then in the news over the years. A small child falls into a carelessly kept open manhole and the people from the entire village along with the support of the district collector try to save the child’s life. The film already had a great impact on society by its style of comparing the irony of our country where we sent rockets to the moon but we still don’t have a proper device to help save a person who has fallen inside an open manhole. 



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