Hindi Story Seth Ji’s Tip


Hello friends, today I am telling you about an inspirational incident, how a Seth brought a criminal to the right path. Do tell us your valuable thoughts in the comment box.
                                                           There lived a Seth in a small town. He had a big shop, there was a queue of shopkeepers in front of the shop throughout the day. So Seth hired two servants for work. Both servants used to come to the shop early in the morning and worked in the shop till late in the night. Seth paid equal wages to both servants and at the time of going home, Sethani used to give the servants food and drink for their children. Thus many days passed, Seth was seeing the things in his shop dwindling, but the money was not increasing so fast in the strings of the shop.
                                                             Now they started getting upset, he told this to his wife, and his wife also said that I have also been feeling the same for a few days, that the household items are running out quickly. Seth and Sethani decide to investigate the matter. Seth and Sethani went to the servants’ house one by one and they searched their houses and saw some of the shop items from a servant’s house. Sethani asked Seth to remove that servant from the shop, then Seth started thinking that the servant has small children, how will he be brought up? Then if he goes to work elsewhere, he will steal there too! Removing it will not work, how to improve it and how to bring it on the path of truth will have to be thought about.
                                                                  Seth increased the wages of both the servants, also paid for the cost of cloth shoe and education for their children. Then Sethani started quarreling again that, if you spend all your money on the servants, what will our children do, what will happen to their future, they will die. So he said that no Sethani, both of them are working very hard at my shop, if there is a tightness in their house, then they will not mind their work and will also go on the wrong path, I need to improve them, we also benefit from improving them Will happen . Seth was confident in his work.

                                                                                   lowly, the theft in the shop stopped and both the servants started working happily and happily, which also increased Seth’s income. If Seth had only thought about himself, that servant might never have improved, but with Sethji’s tactic, everyone’s life improved.


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