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In the world of the online game FarmVille, the player is the farmer and his little piece of the world centers around his ability to plow, plant and harvest a crop. Being one of the most popular free games on Facebook it can be played well enough with no real thinking or reasoning, but to really thrive and flourish in the online farm world, the farmer needs to consider how to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

With FarmVille game coins, a player can purchase the luxuries of life like a house, tool shed, treehouse or more things to plant. Animals and trees are purchased or given as gifts and each produces its own harvest as well.

Starting an Online FarmVille Game Farm

When the game begins, each farmer is issued a plot of land that is 12 by 12 squares large. Within this plot are six squares of plowed and seeded land, at varying stages of readiness–some ready to harvest, some still growing and some ready to plant.

The best strategy that a profit-minded game farmer can have is to grow, harvest, plow and expand, grow, harvest, plow and expand. This strategy will produce the most profit and faster level-ups in the early stages of the game. The number of game coins that each farmer is given is not enough to plow the entire field and plant it with seeds, but it will get him started.

If the player harvests what is ready, plows the land and then plants new seeds, he will be ready to expand a few squares at a time until every square on his land is occupied. A fully plowed field will still yield enough space around the edges to plant any trees that are received as gifts from friends in the game and to put animals on.

In this game, it is easy for the new farmer to get carried away with purchasing objects for decorative purposes, but the savvy player farmer will wait to buy these things until she has acquired enough fame coins to plow and seed an entire field.

Once the all of the game fields have been planted, any game money left over can be used for a few decorative items, keeping in mind that as the player’s level increases, new seed varieties are opened up for use and become more expensive, so it is wise to leave the majority of the farm’s profits in the bank for a while.

Choosing the Seeds to Buy for Raising Game Levels and for Best Profit

When the player begins the adventure, her choices in seeds are limited, but as her level of experience grows she will be awarded coins, gifts and the ability to purchase new varieties of seeds. With each new variety comes more and more challenging to decide which ones to use.

Some seem to make more profit but take longer to grow. Some give little or no experience but seem to be the quickest to grow. When determining what seeds to purchase the player should remember that experience points are also obtained by plowing and planting so seeds that award fewer experience points, but harvest more quickly are not necessarily bad.

Farmers in this game also need to check the growth time of their crops. Each crop will take a certain amount of time to grow and will wither if not harvested. This is real-time, not game-play time. If a crop is a two-hour crop, it will take two hours to grow and it will wither within two hours of blooming, so crops should be planted according to the real-life schedule of the player, making sure that he is able to get back to the game before a crop dies.

FarmVillians who want to get every coin possible out of their online game crops might choose to calculate their earnings to determine the FarmVille crop with the best net profit or experience. As they level-up further in the game, the player may also want to expand the size of his FarmVille farm to increase profits. This kind of farming will surely yield the best results for a selective online FarmVille farmer. For decorative purposes and something a little different, it is possible to make hills and retaining walls in a Farmville game farm using fencing and optical illusion.

Calculating FarmVille Profits and Experience Points for Online Crops

For this game, when determining the amount of profit for each crop and which plants make the most money, the calculations should be based on a 24 hour day to help keep all things equal. As an example, if the calculation is being done on pumpkins, which are an eight-hour plant, figure on three crops of pumpkins per 24 hours (this is literal time, not game-playing time.) Three crops of pumpkins will cost 45 coins to plow (15 coins each time), seeds will cost 90 coins (three times 30 each) so the total cost of pumpkins per 24 hour period is 135 game coins. Gross income from three harvests equals 204 coins (three times 68 each).

The final figure to be calculated, which the player should base his planting decisions on is the net profit. The net profit from pumpkins in a 24 hour period equals 69 coins per square (204 gross profit minus the total cost of 135.)

The experience points (which help players attain new levels in the game) for these three pumpkin harvests is six points (multiply three harvests times two points – one point for plowing and one for planting.) This can be done with all of the plants to determine which ones will show the most profit or experience points during the 24 hour period.

To get started, the net profit calculations (including the cost and XP of plowing) for FarmVille’s online game through level 20 are as follows:


The game pays 35 coins, they take 4 hours to grow, yield 1 XP and cost is 10 coins. Net profit per day is 60 coins and 12 XP.


The game pays 88 coins, they take 2 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 25 coins. Net profit per day is 24 coins and 1.5 XP.


The game pays 115 coins, they take 3 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 35 coins. Net profit per day is 21.4 coins 1 XP.


The game pays 63 coins, they take 1 day to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 15 coins. Net profit per day is 33 coins and 3 XP .


The game pays 121 coins, they take 2 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 40 coins. Net profit per day is 33 coins and 1.5 XP.


The game pays 68 coins, they take 8 hours to grow, yield 1 XP and cost is 30 coins. Net profit per day is 69 coins and 6 XP.


The game pays 204 coins, they take 4 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 70 coins. Net profit per day is 29.75 coins and 0.75 XP.


The game pays 96 coins, they take 12 hours to grow, yield 1 XP and cost is 45 coins. Net profit per day is 72 coins and 4 XP.


The game pays 46 coins, they take 2 hours to grow, yield 0 XP and cost is 20 coins. Net profit per day is 132 coins and 12 XP.


The game pays 207 coins, they take 3 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 75 coins. Net profit per day is 38.30 coins and 1 XP.

Bell Peppers:

The game pays 198 coins, they take 2 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 75 coins. Net profit per day is 54 coins and 1.5 XP.


The game pays 162 coins, they take 1 day to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 70 coins. Net profit per day is 77 coins and 1.5 XP.

Aloe Vera:

The game pays 85 coins, they take 6 hours to grow, yield 1 XP and cost is 50 coins. Net profit per day is 80 coins and 8 XP.


The game pays 242 coins, they take 2 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 95 coins. Net profit per day is 66 coins and 1.5 XP.


The game pays 91 coins, they take 4 hours to grow, yield 1 XP and cost is 50 coins. Net profit per day is 156 coins and 12 XP.


The game pays 348 coins, they take 4 days to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 130 coins. Net profit per day is 50.75 coins and 0.75 XP.


Harvesting in the game pays 270 coins, they take 1 day to grow, yield 2 XP and cost is 85 coins. Net profit per day is 170 coins and 3 XP.

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Covid-19: Gurugram fully vaccinates 89% of its eligible population



Nearly 89% of eligible population in Gurugram has been vaccinated with both doses against Covid-19, according to data from the district health department on Wednesday.

In Gurugram, first-dose vaccination has crossed 100% as several people from other districts and a migrating population have also been vaccinated in the district, health officials said.

Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer (CMO), Gurugram, said, “It is a matter of pride for all of us that almost 90% eligible population has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in the district.”

In Gurugram, 1,803,656 people are eligible for Covid-19 vaccination. Of which, 1,600,752 (88.75%) beneficiaries have been administered both doses of vaccine, shows the data. So far, the district has administered a total of over 3.86 million doses — 2,262,523 first doses and 1,600,752 second doses.

According to the officials, on Wednesday, 13,435 people were given the Covid-19 vaccine in the district, with 3,559 people administered first dose and 9,876 second dose.

When asked about by when the district is targeting to achieve 100% vaccination, the CMO said, “We have not set any target as such, our focus is on continuous vaccination of all eligible people. To increase the pace of vaccination, 14 morning and four evening vaccination sessions have also been conducted in the past few days apart from vaccination at fixed sites.”

On November 11, Gurugram had achieved the mark of 80% double-dose vaccination coverage, when the state government set a deadline of January 2022 to achieve 100% vaccination coverage to all districts.

Meanwhile, the CMO directed the private hospitals in the district to conduct two mega vaccination drives in December so that the vaccination pace could be further increased.

The officials said that the door-to-door vaccination campaign has also helped and will continue in December. Till now, 101,784 people have been vaccinated through the door-to-door campaign in the district which started in November.

A new initiative was also started by the CMO from Wednesday where all the hospitals, labs, industries, malls and other institutions will be given special appreciation for getting 100% vaccination done of all their employees.

The health department, with the help of district administration, is also planning to start a checking drive again against those who do not wear face masks, as special instructions have been received from the state government to prepare for any possible third wave especially in the wake of the new Omicron variant.

“I appeal to the general public to wear face masks and follow all Covid-19 safety protocols seriously. People who are not wearing a face mask will be dealt with strictly. The district administration will now intensify the checking in public places,” said Yadav.

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How Gujarat’s Goan coach plotted Goa’s ouster in the Santosh Trophy | Goa News



Panaji: When the Gujarat State Football Association (GSFA) appointed Marcelino Pereira as their head coach for the senior team, the brief was simple. Don’t concede too many goals in the Santosh Trophy qualifiers, like they did in the past, particularly against strong teams like Goa.
In the previous edition, which was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Gujarat finished bottom of their group and conceded 13 goals in four games.
When a new committee took charge of the GSFA, they started the hunt for an outstation coach. They asked around, got recommendations and among those who suggested Marcelino was India U-16 head coach Bibiano Fernandes.
The choice was spot on.
Pereira got a free hand to select the players he wanted. Most of them were amateur footballers who were groomed for a month. What followed stunned Indian football.
Pereira’s Gujarat team knocked five-time champions Goa out of the national football championship for the Santosh Trophy. The 1-0 victory in Bhavnagar helped Gujarat qualify for the main draw of the tournament after 36 years.
Not surprisingly, Gujarat celebrated, and Goa mourned.
“Gujarat is not like what it was before,” Marcelino told TOI on Wednesday. “Gujarat will be one of the powerful sporting states because of the facilities here. As Goans say, we are giants of football. We have come up to that level and are slipping now, I think. Other states are quickly catching up.”
Gujarat topped group A with seven points and conceded only a goal, that too in their comeback 2-1 win over Daman and Diu in the second match after a disappointing goalless draw against Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
“In the first game we flopped because Dadra & Nagar Haveli were not playing football. It was more physical. Second match we were down and went on to win the game 2-1. There I got little confidence. And we used it against Goa,” said Marcelino.
Marcelino believes Gujarat is moving in the right direction. They had appointed a Spanish women’s coach for their under-17 residential academy, and it is now showing results. Wingers Rudrarajsinh Jadeja and Anirudhsinh Takor are products of the academy and Marcelino has no doubt about their potential.
Gujarat are delighted but will have a herculean task in the final round against 32-time champions West Bengal, Services and others.
“This team will perform, and I want to work hard with the team, especially in the finishing,” said Marcelino.
While Marcelino has enjoyed the limelight, many fingers have been pointed at Goa’s dismal performance and the role of head coach Anthony Pereira.
“When a team wins, everybody is there with the team, but when they lose, they point out fingers at coaches which is not right. I was surprised when sports personalities remarked that this result is not acceptable. How can you say this? On a given day anybody can play well, and a good team can play worse,” said Marcelino.

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Release Date, Cast, And More



“Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night” arrives in theaters across North America on December 3, 2021. For those in Japan, the film has been available for a couple of months, having debuted back in late October. Funimation teamed up with Sony’s distribution company, Aniplex of America, to bring the movie to fans across the world, including the approaching North American release, plus a theatrical release in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on December 9. The film will be available both in its original Japanese with English subtitles, and in English dub.

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