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How Final Destination was originally even more disturbing


In telling the story of how Closing Vacation spot went from script to blockbuster horror movie, screenwriter Jeffery Reddick revealed the unique imaginative and prescient for the core conceit of the film. As a substitute of being killed by a collection of Rube Goldberg model demise traps, the survivors of flight 180 can be stalked by the visions of their useless pals and family members till they took their very own lives. “In my unique model, since demise had tousled the primary time, it could not simply kill the folks. It mainly exploited their greatest fears and drove them to suicide,” Reddick described.

He additionally gave particulars on characters who ended up on the, ahem, chopping room flooring: “I had written a sister who stayed on the aircraft and a sister who received off the aircraft… The sister who died within the aircraft crash was the straight A pupil. The opposite was the one all the time stepping into hassle,” Reddick defined. “Her sister began haunting her, and so she began dressing like her sister and appearing like her sister. When she could not be her sister, she set herself on hearth.”

Whereas this model appears to be trying to attract a clearer hyperlink between the miraculous survivors of the lethal aircraft crash and their very own survivor’s guilt, it is in all probability for the most effective that this idea of the story did not make it previous the script stage. Even for a Closing Vacation spot movie, having a film the place each major character kills themselves is a bit excessive, and it might have eliminated the darkly comedian moments that turned the in any other case grisly movie right into a cult basic.