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How to craft every wearable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



The newest title within the much-beloved Animal Crossing franchise has more customization options than ever before. Lastly, you’ll be able to make your avatar rather less creepy and slightly extra cute. That vacant stare has haunted many a participant’s desires.

You’ve extra hair types, colours, face designs, and pores and skin tones to select from and New Horizons has additionally seen match to allow you to decorate. Villagers are free to specific themselves with hats, flower crowns, baggage, and extra whereas chilling out on their island paradise. 

Have to coordinate the right outfit? This is a complete, ever-expanding checklist of all of your vogue choices in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This information covers the whole lot and something you’ll be able to DIY after which place in your villager. You too can take a look at the Instruments Information and Housewares Information.

Basket Pack

Cherry Blossom Pochette

Cherry Costume

Stylish Tulip Crown

  • Purple Tulips x2
  • Pink Tulips x2
  • Orange Tulips x1

Cute Lily Crown

  • Pink Lilies x2
  • Orange Lilies x2
  • White Lilies x2

Grass Skirt

Knitted-Grass Backpack

Leaf Masks

Leaf Umbrella

Log Pack

Orange Costume

Orange Hat

Peach Costume

Pear Costume

Pear Hat

Recycled Boots

Star Head

Star Pochette

Straw Umbrella Hat

Conventional Straw Coat

Tulip Crown

  • Pink Tulips x2
  • Yellow Tulips x2
  • White Tulips x1

Windflower Crown

  • White Windflower x2
  • Pink Windflower x2
  • Orange Windflower x2
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Pregnant women fear losing jobs over Covid safety worries, survey finds | Coronavirus



More than a third of pregnant women fear losing their jobs due to safety concerns about Covid in the workplace, according to a survey. Research from Maternity Action shows 36% are concerned about their work if they take time off or ask their employer to do more to protect them from Covid.

The charity is urging ministers to immediately overhaul health and safety rules for pregnant women in the workplace, which it says are “not fit for purpose”.

Ros Bragg, director of Maternity Action, said: “The situation for pregnant women is dire and is only getting worse as the pandemic progresses.

“They are frankly right to be worried – because the system that is supposed to protect them is not fit for purpose. There is a vast gap between what the law says and actual employer practice, leaving women under huge pressure to work in unsafe conditions.”

Bragg said officials and organisations given the responsibility of enforcing workplace health and safety had “shown themselves wholly inadequate to the task”. Women are being left with an “unenviable choice” of either taking their employer to a tribunal to get basic health and safety protections or “carrying on working in an unsafe environment”.

graph deaths UK

Current evidence suggests pregnant women are no more likely to get Covid-19 than other healthy adults, but they are at slightly increased risk of becoming severely unwell if they do get the disease, and are more likely to have pregnancy complications such as preterm birth or stillbirth.

In the survey of more than 400 pregnant women, over two-thirds (69%) said they were fairly or very worried about catching Covid because of their work. A fifth of respondents (20%) said they took time off or even left their job because they were so concerned about becoming infected.

More than half (59%) raised concerns about their health and safety with their employer but, of these, almost one in five (17%) said their employer took no action to address their concerns.

One pregnant woman told how she was forced to quit her job during the late stages of pregnancy over concerns about Covid safety in the workplace.

“I asked about risk assessment and [was] told it wasn’t necessary,” the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “I just kept saying: ‘Can I work from home today?’ Every day I would go to the office and our office remained a busy environment and not at all Covid-secure. It wasn’t possible to socially distance. We didn’t do anything like wearing masks or take those other ordinary steps.

“I was genuinely afraid. I had a lot of conversations about what I needed from them. It became clear very quickly that none of that was on the table. They weren’t prepared for a moment to accept any changes to my working patterns. I had previous felt valued but suddenly every conversation was a difficult one.

“I was asked to come into a formal meeting and at that meeting it was made clear that my career with my employer was over. I effectively had to leave at short notice, not knowing what I would be going to.

“What you can’t do is look in the paper and find another job, because you are visibly massively pregnant. It was frightening because you’re thinking about your mortgage, and your kids and wondering if you’ll be able to pay the car loan at the end of the month. I had asked for so little, and what I expected was so reasonable but at some point they decided that investing in me wasn’t worthwhile.”

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Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists – BBC News



Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists  BBC News

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VIDEO: Tiger King cast coming to Spokane



SPOKANE, Wash. — The cast of the Netflix hit docuseries “Tiger King” will be featured at a live show at the Spokane First Interstate Center of the Arts in February.

“Uncaged: The Untold Stories from the Cast of Tiger King” show will include featured stars from the Netflix documentary “Tiger King,” including John Reinke, Saff, Joshua Dial and Barbara Fisher.

The cast will engage in a live 70-minute moderated discussion that will include never-before-seen videos, photos and stories. Comedian and podcast veteran Todd McComas will moderate the conversation. Audiences will also interact with the cast by participating in a 30-minutes question and answer session.

Audiences will hear stories about Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Doc Antle and from the people who lived it, the press release says.

The tour for Spokane, which was first scheduled for November, will now take place on Thursday, Feb. 17 2022, at 7 p.m. at the First Interstate Center of the Arts.

People who bought tickets for the November date show will be able to use those tickets for the February show, and those who are unable to attend the new show date have until Nov. 30 to request a full or partial refund. You can use this link to complete the whole refund request process.

Tickets for the show are on sale at the TicketsWest website. The price for adult and children’s tickets is the same, but depending on the seat location, it ranges from $25 to $49.

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Tiger King cast coming to Spokane

Audience will be able to hear untold stories that weren't cover in the documentary and interact with the cast in a 30-minutes question and answer session.

Audience will be able to hear untold stories that weren’t cover in the documentary and interact with the cast in a 30-minutes question and answer session.

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