How To Get Amazon Prime Video, Netflix On Jio Fiber Set Top Box


India/Guide: With the launch of JIO FIBER introduced us to Gigafiber through a digital set-top box. It allows us to watch tv-shows, browser internet, play games and much more. With the default built-in app, the box brings more features to normal tv.

  • How to Install Prime video on Jio set top box
  • How To Install Netflix on Jio set top box
  • How do I get Amazon Prime on my Jio set top box?
  • How do I get Netflix on my Jio set top box?
  • Does Jio set top box have Netflix?
  • How do I add apps to my set top box?

OTT platforms like Amazon prime video and Netflix are not available with default. Here in this guide, we share with the best method to install and watch Netflix and amazon prime on Jio Set-Top box.

Watch PrimeVideo, Netflix on JIO Set Top BOX

With a premium plan, JIO FIBER users get few OTT platform subscriptions for free. But if you’re on a basic plan then you have to purchase one. On the other side, few of these applications like Netflix aren’t installed with default. So there is a way mentioned below through which you can install Netflix on Jio Set-top box.

  1. Got o JIO PAGES, Search for the app which you want to install. Use keywords NETFLIX or PRIME VIDEO for accurate results.
  2. Select any accurate result and download the apk.
  3. Then go to apps on local disk then Install the app and you are done. With an active plan, you can have full fun of the content shared on these platforms.
OTT on JIO Set top box netflix
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How to sing in Amazon Prime Video in Jio fiber?

  1. Open PrimeVideo application
  2. Scroll down and click on the GEAR ICON known for settings.
  3. Scroll again, find SIGN-IN click on it and enter you account credentials. If you own any JIO FIBER premium subscription then use it to access it. If you don’t know your account credentials then contact customer support.
  4. Once you sign-in open your favourite movie and have fun streaming it.

As I already have prime video subscription how to activate on Jio TV?

Jio rules Telugu Movies


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