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How To Record YouTube Videos On PC


You can now record youtube videos on pc and bring the best content decoratively. A plethora creators want to share their computer skills. Recoding the screen to share a guide or tutorial is the best informative way. There are a plethora recording tools which help to record the screen + audio from microphone + face-cam at a single time. Programming tutorials, how-to guides, etc needs a screen recorded video to make viewers understand the process.

How To Record YouTube Videos On PC
How To Record YouTube Videos On PC

There are thousands of application which can help with recording videos on pc. Being a creator you hold a bunch of need which needs to be satisfied by the tool you’ve use. A recording tool must have features of offline recording, online streaming and display selection etc. Other major thing a recording tool should owe is the support. A diversed platform for support make the encounters solve themself without contacting live assistant or technical support.

Best Apps To Record Youtube Videos On PC

Here in this post we bought you the best applications which help you to record youtube videos on pc. These apps also include features of live streaming too. Make sure to choose the right one which fulfills your needs and requirements of your own choice.

#1 Open Broadcaster Software

Also known as OBS is the best used to live steams the screen to youtube. This open-source application is available for windows, mac OS, and for linux based operating systems. The best thing about OBS studio is that it is completely free to use and update due to its open-source nature.

#2 VLC Media Player

Since the past few decades, VLC has been one of the favourite media player of windows users. The apps is well-known for its robust performance and multi-format support. On being such a huge popular media play among windows OS, a plethora features like recording, formatting etc features have been integrated to this tool. Thus, it makes a position in the list of best-recording softwares of youtube videos.

#3 Camatasia

One of the best youtube tips for beginners is to use camtasia as their upbringing editing tool. This video editing tool helps beginner creators by making it too easy to trim, split and edit their videos with transistions and other premium editing features.

Camtasia comes preloaded with a screen recording tool which helps you to record the screen of your pc. and as well as the microphone audio which brings a handy technique in editing the recorded video too.

#4 Bandicam

Bandicam supports both recording and capturing utilites. The tool was initially developed for taking screenshots and later got integrated with recording features. The best use of bandicam is that it allow to partition the recording portion of your screen.

#5 Fraps

Fraps is widely popular among youtube gamers. They’we use frags to record their scree under range 30FPS to 60FPS. The tool is initially for those who want to increase the frame rate of their scree recording.

Wrapping up, This was all about on “How To Record YouTube Videos On PC“. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below. Also share this post of your social walls and help other to record youtube videos on pc.

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