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Huntsville music: 10 recent songs to know by local artists


Consider it a soundtrack to the light at the end of the tunnel.

With vaccinations and spring opening life up again in Huntsville after 12 tough months of coronavirus, local music is ready to rock.

Below are 10 new and recent songs to know from Huntsville bands and solo acts.

Please note: Some songs contain language some listeners might find offensive.

“Virginia Is For Lovers” WANDA: Indie strummer makes longing sound lovely.

“Love How You Hate (Song of Lilith)” Cancerslug: Misfits-worthy punk-metal gallop.

“Mini Men” DMRSoul: Icy flow over slo-mo beats.

DMRSoul · Mini Men (Prod. Suthurn Faze)

“Reaction” Drop Diver: A garage-y blaze of youthful angst.

“Someday” Aaron Wilson: Supertramp-y keyboards and big-’80s melodies.

“I Spend My Time” Darien Omar: Some stirring, digital-R&B crooning.

“Making Up” Lana White: Crystalline and dramatic guitar-pop.

“Menace” DeQn Sue: Patinaed, island-production backdrops postmodern vocals.

“Rule of Thirds” Gabe Larose: “Buzz Bin”-era MTV mix of hooks and crunch.

“Life Me Up” Rita Maya Burkholder and Solo Monk: Protest song wrapped in pretty counterpoint.