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I think I know why we got last-minute invitations


Dear Amy: I have been married to my husband for almost 20 years. Unlike my side of the family, who typically extend an invitation weeks in advance of an event, my husband’s side only issues invites two to three days before, even though we all live several hours apart.

Amy Dickinson 

Honestly, between our kids’ busy schedules and booking a dog-sitter, we would need at least two or three weeks’ notice to attend an out-of-town event.

For years I thought they were simply last-minute planners. I got used to juggling/canceling plans and begging for a dog-sitter in order to go to their house.

What I have realized over the last two years is that we are the only ones getting the last-minute invite. The three older brothers and their parents often make plans in advance and simply exclude us (including going on a trip together as a large group, and not telling us until they had returned home).

I’m now of the firm belief that they don’t want us to attend family functions. I don’t think they hate us. There has never been any drama. I just think we aren’t interesting to them. My mother-in-law plays favorites.

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