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Australian player Ian Chappell believes the T20 World Cup could be shifted from India after India’s ever-increasing corona relationship and the postponement of the IPL 2021. “The fact that IPL 2021 has been suspended following the death of Kovid-19 and that some players have been positive is evidence that it has not been touched by cricket,” he said. The BCCI decided to postpone the tournament indefinitely after a number of players became corona positive in the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League.

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Speaking to ESPN Cricinfo, Chappell said, “The suspension of IPL 2021 is a reminder of the rise in Kovid infection and the death of the public and the fact that the game is impenetrable as some players are positive.” In view of the current environment, the IPL is an example of the suspension and then the post-T20 World Cup in India can be postponed or held elsewhere.

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Chappell said the game has been affected by several factors in the past. He said, ‘In the past, tours and matches had to be canceled for different reasons. Some of the stories were attached to them, some of them sadistic and some entertaining. The second wave of coronation continues in India and more than 4 lakh people go viral today, with more than 3000 people losing their lives. If the situation is not good in India, the T20 World Cup can be played in the UAE.