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The month of March is waited eagerly by everybody because the festival of Holi comes in this month. Holi is not only a festival, but it is more than a festival for the people of India. The festival is all about colours as on this day people play with colours and apply it on each other’s faces. The excitement of the people is at its peak as they celebrate with each other and spread the message of love and harmony in the society. People send Happy Holi Images to their friends and relatives and wish them with best wishes and pray for their prosperity and happiness. The day is full of fun and frolic as children enjoy by playing with colours. Delicious dishes are cooked in the houses of neighbours.

Planning and preparation for the day

Happy Holi

Holi is not an ordinary festival and that’s why people start their preparation before Holi so that they can enjoy the day and welcome their guests with whole heartedly. The preparations of Holi start by purchasing raw materials with which delicious dishes can be cooked and by purchasing colours so that they can use it on the day. You can download Happy Holi GIF from internet and share it with your friends so that they too can take part in your previous planning and preparations. People purchase decorative items to decorate their house as at any point of time, guests can arrive to meet on the eve of Holi.

Happy Colourful Holi 2020: Images, GIF, HD Photos, Pictures, Whatsapp DP

Happy Holi Images

Game of colours

Holi Images

Holi symbolizes the harmony as it is said that on this day even foes embrace each other by forgetting all enmity and worries between them. The day is observed as the day of peace and unity as by applying colours on the face of each other people enjoy, eat, sing and dance. They click and share Happy Holi Photos to their friends and relatives to let them know about their fun and excitement. If some of your close relatives is there with you on the day of Holi to play with you then the intensity of the fun will be doubled. With lots of screaming and laughter, the whole environment will be full of happiness and vibrance. Check here: Happy Holika Dahan 2020: Images, Wishes, Whatsapp DP, Status, Quotes, Messages, Greetings & Shayari.

Happy Holi HD Images


Happy Holi Wishes

Happy Holi 2020: Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Holi Images for Whatsapp


Happy Holi Short Status

Greetings and love

Happy Holi 2020

Many a time it happens that at the meantime some of the core members of the family aborted their arrival due to some reason. This is again not a worry as you can send them Happy Holi Pictures so that they can be acquainted with the fun and frolic you are enjoying at that point of time. There is no need to be worried and feel sad as the social media has helped a lot in uniting the world. You can still send greetings to those members of the family who failed to come on the day of Holi. With the help of social media, you can show them the decoration of the home, fun in the streets and many other things which is happening at that point of time.

Happy Holi 2020: Pictures free download

Happy Holi Pictures


Happy Holi Caption

Day of delicious dishes

Happy Holi Whatsapp DP

The day itself say no limit to the food lovers. On this day, you are allowed to eat and enjoy your favourite food and dishes. Holi is the festival where everybody rejoices including those having bitter relationship. You can invite any of those and request them to taste the dish made on the happy occasion of Holi, and soon all bitterness will vanish. You can click the picture of different dishes that are being prepared by your mother and put it as Happy Holi Whatsapp DP so that others can know and come to enjoy Holi with you. Some of the people buy sweets from the market and distribute it in their neighbours so that their friendly relation can live long.

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Happy Holi 2020: Photos

Happy Holi Photos


Happy Holi Status

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Day of happiness

Happy Holi 2020 Images

The day of Holi is observed as the day of immense happiness as on this day people return to their native home to celebrate the festival. There will be hardly anybody who wouldn’t come to visit their home on the occasion of Holi. Happiness prevails all around the day and the charm of the festival is something magnanimous that even enemies embrace each other on the day of Holi. That’s why it is said that Holi vanishes all bitterness and spreads love and prosperity among the people who celebrate this festival in harmony. From children to old aged people, everybody laughs and enjoys the festival in a jolly mood.

Holi is the festival of love, peace, harmony and integrity. On this day, almost everyone come closer to hail the day and remove all the past worries so that they can lead a happy life. Holi comes ones in a year but before departure, it teaches us to be united and remain merry because this is the key of a healthy and wealthy life.

Happy Holi Wishes for Friends & Family

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Happy Holi 2020: Whatsapp DP & Profile Pictures

Happy Holi DP


Happy Holi Wallpapers

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Holi 2020


Holi Colourful Pictures


Holi Colourful Images


Happy Holi Image



Happy Holi Images HD


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“Show Window: The Queen’s House” Cast Shares Key Points To Look Forward To Ahead Of Premiere



There’s only one day left until the premiere of Channel A’s new drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”!

“Show Window: The Queen’s House” is a new drama about a woman who supports another woman’s affair—without knowing that the affair is with her own husband. Song Yoon Ah will star as Han Sun Joo, the queen of her picture-perfect family, while Lee Sung Jae will star as Shin Myung Seob, her seemingly devoted husband. Jun So Min will star in the drama as Yoon Mi Ra, who befriends Han Sun Joo while secretly carrying on an affair with her husband behind her back.

Lee Sung Jae commented, “The characters in ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ possess both truth and lies, as well as both good and evil. It will be interesting to watch their desperate struggle to keep the show window of the beautiful kingdom that they’re trapped in from breaking.”

He also asked drama fans to pay special attention to his character’s storyline as he added, “I hope you will also enjoy the process of deducing whether or not Shin Myung Seob will be able to create his own perfect kingdom.”

When Jun So Min was asked to name the drama’s key point of interest, she instead asked the question, “Do you like chess?” She then explained, “The drama will become more intriguing if you think of the personality and tendencies of each chess piece and relate them to the characters.” One example to support this analysis is Han Sun Joo, who is referred to as the queen of her family. Drama fans will have to figure out how the other characters relate to each other on the drama’s chessboard.

2PM’s Chansung, who plays Yoon Mi Ra’s younger brother Han Jung Won, pointed to his character’s own hidden strife as a key point of the drama. He shared, “There are plenty of enjoyable elements, so I think you’ll have fun yelling at the screen while you watch it. I hope you look forward to it.”

“Show Window: The Queen’s House” premieres on November 29 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama with English subtitles below!

Watch Now

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Daily recoveries rise to 251 in Pune Metropolitan Region as Covid cases decline to 208; four more dead | Pune News



PUNE: The number of people recovering from Covid-19 infection increased to 251 in the Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR) on Saturday, while new cases dropped to 208.
The rural areas and Pune municipal limits reported over 100 recoveries each. Among the new additions, the PMC areas added 94 new cases, 79 patients were recorded in the rural and Cantonment areas while Pimpri Chinchwad added 35 new cases.

A report released by district health officer Bhagwan Pawar stated that over 14,100 samples were tested in the region on Saturday. This pushed the tally of sample testing in PMR above 86 lakh. The report further stated that four Covid-19 patients succumbed to the infection in the region on Saturday.

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Omicron: World races to contain new Covid variant



Several European nations on Saturday announced their first cases of a highly infectious new coronavirus strain, as governments worldwide began pulling down the shutters to contain the new Omicron variant.

Britain, Germany and Italy confirmed their first cases of the new Covid-19 strain, while Dutch authorities quarantined 61 passengers from South Africa who tested positive for Covid-19.

South Africa complained it was being punished with air travel bans for having first detected the strain, which the World Health Organization has termed a “variant of concern”.

A series of countries across the world began restricting travel from the region, to try to head off any threat to global efforts against the pandemic.

Scientists are racing to determine the threat posed by the heavily mutated strain, particularly whether it can evade existing vaccines. It has already proved to be more transmissible than the dominant Delta variant.

Travellers thronged Johannesburg international airport, desperate to squeeze onto the last flights to countries that had imposed sudden travel bans. Many of these people had cut short holidays, rushing back from South African safaris and vineyards.

“It’s ridiculous, we will always be having new variants,” British tourist David Good told AFP, passport in hand. “South Africa found it, but it’s probably all over the world already.”

– ‘Worrisome variant’ – The virus has already slipped through the net, with cases discovered in Europe, Hong Kong and Israel and in southern Arica.

Britain on Saturday announced tougher entry rules for all arriving passengers and the return of a mask mandate, after confirming its first two cases of the new Omicron strain of Covid-19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said face masks would again be required in shops and on public transport.

A hospital in the Czech Republic confirmed a case of the Omicron variant in a female patient who had travelled from Namibia.

Germany confirmed its first two cases in travellers who arrived at Munich airport from South Africa.

Italy announced its first case of the new Covid strain in a traveller from Mozambique.

And Dutch officials said the Omicron variant was “probably” among 61 passengers who had arrived on two flights from South Africa a day before and tested positive for Covid-19.

People on the two KLM flights, which took off before the Dutch announced their ban on travellers from the region, were being kept quarantined in a hotel.

In the US, a White House official said President Joe Biden had been briefed on the Omicron situation and that health officials were monitoring events.

Already on Friday Belgium announced its first case in an unvaccinated person returning from abroad.

The WHO said it could take several weeks to understand the variant, which was initially known as B.1.1.529. It cautioned against travel curbs while scientific evidence remains scant.

– ‘Draconian’ measures – South Africa called the travel curbs “draconian” and on Saturday said the flight bans were “akin to punishing South Africa for its advanced genomic sequencing and the ability to detect new variants quicker.

“Excellent science should be applauded and not punished,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The main countries targeted by the shutdown include South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini (Swaziland), Lesotho, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

But US Secretary of State Antony Blinken “praised South Africa’s scientists for the quick identification of the Omicron variant and South Africa’s government for its transparency in sharing this information, which should serve as a model for the world”, a State Department statement said.

The statement was a thinly veiled slap at China’s handling of information about the original outbreak in Wuhan, which the United States has criticized as being uncooperative.

Biden said richer countries should donate more Covid-19 vaccines and give up intellectual property protections to manufacture more doses worldwide.

“The news about this new variant should make clearer than ever why this pandemic will not end until we have global vaccinations,” he said.

But with memories still fresh of the way global air travel helped the spread of Covid after it first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, countries clamped down swiftly.

Australia and Belgium became the latest to act, banning all flights from nine southern African countries.

And Australian health authorities said they were undertaking “urgent genomic testing” to look for the Omicron strain in two passengers — whose trip originated in southern Africa — who had tested positive for the virus after arriving on a flight from Doha to Sydney. South Korea and Thailand restricted flights from eight countries, as did the United States, Brazil, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

EU officials agreed in an emergency meeting to urge all 27 nations in the bloc to restrict travel from southern Africa. Many members had already done so. The World Trade Organization called off a ministerial conference, its biggest gathering in four years, at the last minute Friday due to the new variant.

Vaccine manufacturers have held out hope that they can modify current vaccines to target the Omicron variant. Germany’s BioNTech and US drugmaker Pfizer said they expect data “in two weeks at the latest” to show if their jab can be adjusted.

Moderna said it would develop a booster specific to the new variant.

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