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In BullFight, bull crossed the ring and attacked people, a dangerous VIDEO went viral


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Bullfight is enjoyed in many countries. But there are many such accidents in this game, which you will also be surprised to see. The Vidreres Festival is going on in Girona, Spain. Where the bullfight was also held. There was an accident that blew everyone’s senses. The bull crossed the ring and went among the audience. Due to which many viewers were injured. Police officers later shot and killed the bull.

This event was recorded by some spectators present there. It can be seen in the video that the bull is standing in the ring and many people are standing with him who is provoking him to attack. When the bull could not catch him, he jumped out of the ring. Many spectators were present there. Those who started running scared

He started attacking the audience. He hit a woman with a thigh, who was injured and sat there. After which the bull made a full circle and attacked the audience. Some people ran and sat inside the car outside the stadium. Some people hide under the stairs. Some viewers tried to catch the bull’s question, but they could not manage to control.

According to local reports, 19 people were injured in this incident. One of them is serious, whose treatment is being done in the hospital. 18 injured persons have been discharged after receiving treatment from the hospital.

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