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Index of The Duchess with Cast and Reviews



It is said in England that Georgian was Princess of Wales’s grand-aunt, Diana, the Duchess of Devonshire. But the Britons had a fascination with genealogy; then too, both married women married men, became fabulously rich and also had a lot of enormous homes, held mistresses, and that both women had lovers. The gap is the concern of Georgia.

At age 16, she became married to William Cavendish, the fifth Duke of Devonshire, a man who was much more in love with his pets than with him. She had been treated like chattel, known only for her reproductive ability, at least once raped by the Duke, and had been the most successful woman of all in England with the exception of Queen Charlotte, whose husband was insane. Georgia was indeed a clear nationalist, a promoter of its American & French revolutions, a Whig Prime Minister advocate as well as a lover of someone else. She was indeed a feminist and went to openly talk about politics, while she agreed that women had no voting.


The Duchess” is really a beautiful, well mounted, clothed, and flattered historical movie, in which husbands and wives spend hours in dress and dinner to argue whether the mutton is off. Keira Knightley is playing the Duchess, and Ralph Fiennes’ husband would be a minefield. The man does not speak, is only interested in giving orders, and seems to be concerned with the creation of a male heir who will have plenty to possess like London’s largest private home and Chatsworth, the favorite among all British country houses in Derbyshire. Georgiana would have been remarkable if a woman was to become a duchess in just such a private kingdom, also to be embroiled in politics, a beautiful, a wit, a leading mode, and a feisty scraper with a desire to have better sex than the Duke provided. “The Duchess” does her justice, not aware. I’m not sure. Yes, she had versatile marital opinions. She didn’t like the various adulteries of the Duke, though tacitly. The Duke rogers her, too, for just one close woman friend, Lady Elizabeth Foster.

Bess’s betrayal had a motive, and it wasn’t loved. Her ruthless husband had forbidden her always to see her sons again, and William was strong enough to get her there. Later, he’s ready to stop Georgians ever from having their four girls. And their children had no protections for women. Whigs were evidently the party of the future, albeit behind its curve; the Tories endorsed the status quo.

Even in the most inflammatory cases, the Duke, the Duchess, and even Lady Elizabeth are willing to act according to the laws regulating their class. Sometimes they behave as if they were on stage. When Georgiana’s mum, Lady Spencer, said her affair with Grey is talking about London, why would she have been surprised? Throughout the presence of at least two servants, any dialogue in just this film takes place.

I liked the film intensely, but I’m an English speaker then. I imagine that some people find the action of these characters very strange. Ok, that’s it. Without natural emotions — a mutant, William is indeed a right bastard. How do you enjoy Devonshire’s fifth Duke? The sixth Duke of Devonshire, you shut your eyes and dream. It’s more Georgian than we might expect. It’s a pleasant change whenever we see her tender and playful with Earl Grey. We don’t see William and Bess bedding and so on. We’re listening to them.

This isn’t a lovely film based on a book by Jane Austen. It is hard to realistically use any weapons they can order, limited in a soft system. On that basis, it’s very interesting, even though I’d loved to hear about Charles Fox’s vision for human rights as well as the abolition of the slave trade at the Whigs at a certain formal dinner.

Note: Yes, Earl Grey’s renowned tea. After Lapsang Souchong, she is my second favorite who has an odor that brings us with nostalgia for fresh tar in fall.

Katherine Ryan is perhaps more well recognized in England despite her Canadian origins from her on this side of the Atlantic. But our insights into her during different series show us a brash and busty guy, but at the same time, he manages to be smart and trendy. But if she plays a mother in a show that she has made and wrote, she knows that hell is different from the parents who drop their children away in kindergarten.

Opening shot of the Series

A mother goes to school with her daughter, a Canadian mother however a British daughter. It seems as if her mother threw her sweatshirt over her pajamas which says, “World is Little Pussy.”

She is the mother of her nine-year-old, precocious daughter Olive, Katy Byrne, who doesn’t worry about becoming a bold, bold mother, as she wears the sweatshirt. Katherine loves being Olive’s mom very well and how close they are; and then when her classmate Millie discovers that she is always teasing Olive, she does not have a problem scratching the cafe out of Millie’s mother’s hand and facing her right before her parents’ mothers.

She possesses an unusual company, creating pottery shaped like nude women’s corpses. Really good stuff, nude only. During her working time, she is taken by surprise by her friend Evan, a sweet dentist she sees on weekends; whenever Olive would be with her father Shep, she receives a visit. For Olive’s birthday, he carries peonies to show Katherine’s wish to engage more, and she’s more frightened. Sandra, her assistant, and companion wondered why she kept him at sea. “We’re in our 30s. We deal like this. This is what we do. He is gorgeous.” Katherine feels he’s going to like her less than if he’s always around her.

Olive and Katherine join Shep on their home boat for Olive’s birthday; the former member of the boy band appears late and shirtless and offers Olive sticks of dynamite. Agree that the clever and sweet Olive came from half of Shep’s DNA would be almost miraculous for Katerine.

An odd birthday present is needed by Olive: a trip to something like a fertility clinic. She needs a sister, and while she was only 23, Katherine was considering another child, who had Olive. Rather than what they actually gather, Olive thinks doctors catch men “blood.” However, when Katherine sees that she has been basically teenaged by the sperm donors she suggested, she believes she might have the sperm of Shep. She thought it worked out once, and it works out. But Evan’s right throughout the place; even when they’re going to go out of the weekend, she feels like he’s going home early.

What does it show you to remember? The Duchess feels that there have been several displays of British parents in his DNA, such as Breeders and Catastrophe. Parents go to school with their children and are much more irreverent and unreliable than children. The child is regarded better like a late case in The Duchess, at least.

The Duchess, which she produced and wrote, has this kind of atmosphere as her stand-up act if you are unfamiliar with Katherine Ryan. Their two most recent stand-up shows are Netflix (Both Glitter Room and In Trouble). She’s a Canadian who’s not kowtowed by British politicism in England and Bawdy and Brash.

Since this personality is transformed into a fictitious version of itself, we laughed at Katherine’s antiquities within the first time show. Who would not want to place the mom of the bull mostly on the ground with nude selfies, saying the husband of the mom took them to just the campus, instead claiming that perhaps the mum carried porn whenever she goes to just the principal and tells her?

But the rest of the show is a little ridiculous, with Katherine and Shep as total cartoon characters, so much so that we ask a) how Olive could be so well-fitted with two separate narcissistic parents and b) how they were supported by “normalities” like Sandra and Evan.

But when she comes with Olive, Katherine, as she tells Evan, “I wouldn’t want to miss you, is more or less self-engaged and disgusting. However, I don’t really want you also to be stuck.” But simply, she needs things as Evan needs them, no matter what he might want. Did Shep have a lousy burning, or is she too big? And that was the thing, and we’re never sure.

Her reasoning of choosing Shep for another baby is also meaningless since her second cooperation may be the polar counterpart to Olive; it is not like a mirror copy of the first baby when you have the second. But she asks Shep, who said he has to examine “my party” for specific comedical opportunities, and it does not have so much on her mind as to have a kid with Evan. But Evan might have discarded Katherine in a rational and not a televised universe a long time before, and she would never have thought Shep of herself as a baby dad.

We begin by turning away from a show if these situations are simply imposed on comedy grounds. However, Ryan has made a show that suits very well, so that stuff fits into an individual that we really enjoy.

Parting Shot: After Shep says that he’ll have to run the “my legal team” bid from Katherine, he says, “I love them. They love me sometimes though they hate me,” and he leaves. Katherine looks at him and asks if it was a smart idea.

Sleeper Star: Katy Byrne is very funny as Olive, particularly if she tells the fertility doctor why she has an odd step with her mother.

Stream it is our call. We like Ryan enough to propose to The Duchess, but if her fictional version begins to rip off after a while, we will not be surprised.

Series is a Netflix Dud

The Duchess works on the basis that stating “shocking” is just the same as saying “funny” something, but it carries this conviction so much that it limits desensitization. To look at the six episodes would be to sit and taunt for the best part of a day with the very, unlike humans you could find.

Ryan’s main performance is the product of several of the shortcomings of the film. Without giving one hint of humanity nor the promise of improvement, she leans into the horrendous characteristics. This guy is a plausible addition to Ryan’s stand-up materials, but he does not translate into a protagonist who is convincing or even capable. We don’t tell why Katherine is disgusting, so we do not even care.

Each episode is full of Katherine’s abhorrent actions against others. During an attempt to spoil her wedding, she sends naked to even a rival husband, attempts to take Shep’s sandpaper, and relentlessly invokes anal sex while she is in public places. This is intended as only a comedy to push the envelope, but it is like a blatant effort to hide the absence of truly smart prose.

Crass versus Clever

The first scene, where she is in a sweater referring to her “thin” genitalia, would be that Katherine goes to school for her daughter. It’s a chewing show of poor taste, but instead of focusing on the jokes or trying to make them look in ways that are really funny, they are being ignored. The Duchess throws much material only at the wall, and neither can hold to it. They are just as disposable as Katherine’s expulsion items.

The Duchess often attempts to compose herself and offer a moment of sincerity. Katherine is able to accept her and sits down to discuss her credentials with a caseworker. She makes an unnecessary comment about wanting a child “regardless of his age and drug addiction,” however, the scene seems largely real, as if the character has relaxed and revealed its true self.

It is immediately spoiled. Katherine’s caseworker turned to adoption, and her character returned to her mean detestable manner. She explains, “Adoption was just anyway my last resort. “Eat d-k, and you could keep the second-hand crack kids; I’ll stay only with the kid I have.” The ruthless aspect of the joke contradicts the remainder of the scene and leads to total chaos.

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Fauci: US could face ‘fifth wave’ of Covid as Omicron variant nears | Coronavirus



Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, said on Sunday the US has “the potential to go into a fifth wave” of coronavirus infections amid rising cases and stagnating vaccination rates. He also warned that the newly discovered Omicron variant shows signs of heightened transmissibility.

As Fauci toured the political talkshows, countries around the world including the US scrambled to guard against Omicron, which has stoked fears of vaccine resistance.

On Sunday evening, shortly after the first Omicron cases in North America were confirmed in Canada, the White House said Biden met Fauci and other advisers on returning to Washington from holiday in Nantucket.

Fauci, a statement said, “informed the president that while it will take approximately two more weeks to have more definitive information on the transmissibility, severity, and other characteristics of the variant, he continues to believe that existing vaccines are likely to provide a degree of protection against severe cases of Covid”.

The statement also said those already vaccinated should receive booster shots. Biden would “provide an update about the new variant and the US response on Monday”, the White House said.

Earlier, Fauci discussed why Omicron has raised such alarm.

“Right now we have the window into the mutations that are in this new variant,” he told NBC, “and they are troublesome in the fact that there are about 32 or more variants in that very important spike protein of the virus, which is the business end of the virus.

“In other words, the profile of the mutations strongly suggest that it’s going to have an advantage in transmissibility and that it might evade immune protection that you would get, for example, from the monoclonal antibody or from the convalescent serum after a person’s been infected and possibly even against some of the vaccine-induced antibodies.

“So it’s not necessarily that that’s going to happen, but it’s a strong indication that we really need to be prepared for that.”

Fauci also pointed to how Covid case numbers shifted dramatically in South Africa, where Omicron was discovered, over a short period.

“You were having a low level of infection, and then all of a sudden there was this big spike … and when the South Africans looked at it, they said, ‘Oh my goodness. This is a different virus than we’ve been dealing with.’

“So it clearly is giving indication that it has the capability of transmitting rapidly. That’s the thing that’s causing us now to be concerned, but also to put the pressure on ourselves now to do something about our presentation for this.”

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said no Omicron cases have been discovered in the US.

Fauci said: “As we all know, when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries, inevitably, it will be here.”

On CBS, Fauci said any fifth wave of cases “will really be dependent upon what we do in the next few weeks to a couple of months”.

“We have now about 62 million people in the country who are eligible to be vaccinated,” he said, “who have not yet gotten vaccinated.

“Superimpose upon that the fact that, unquestionably, the people who got vaccinated six, seven, eight, nine, 10 months ago, we’re starting to see an understandable diminution in the level of immunity. It’s called waning immunity, and it was seen more emphatically in other countries before we saw it here.”

Fauci said an increase in immunization rates and booster shots might prevent another surge – but the US had to act fast.

“So if we now do what I’m talking about in an intense way, we may be able to blunt that,” he said. “If we don’t do it successfully, it is certainly conceivable and maybe likely that we will see another bit of a surge. How bad it gets is dependent upon us and how we mitigate.”

Politically charged resistance would seem to make a rapid increase in vaccination rates unlikely. While more than 70% of US adults are fully vaccinated, the most recent CDC data indicated cases up 16% over the previous week. By Sunday there had been 48,202,506 cases in the US with 776,537 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, also discussed the Omicron variant on Sunday.

“I think the main thing that has us focused on this,” he told CNN, “… is that it has so many mutations.”

Collins also said there were “good reasons to think it will probably be OK but we need to know the real answers to that and that’s going to take two or three weeks”.

Omicron variant is vaccine inequality wake-up call, says South Africa's President Ramaphosa – video
Omicron variant is vaccine inequality wake-up call, says South Africa’s President Ramaphosa – video

On Friday, Biden said the US would join other countries and impose restrictions on travel from southern Africa from Monday.

Collins said: “I know, America, you’re really tired of hearing these things, but the virus is not tired of us and it’s shape-shifting itself. If you imagine we’re on a racetrack here … it’s trying to catch up with us, and we have to use every kind of tool in our toolbox to keep that from getting into a situation that makes this worse.

“We can do this but we have to do it all together.”

On CBS, Fauci was also asked about Republican attacks over federal research prior to the pandemic and his role in the Trump administration.

“Anybody who’s looking at this carefully realizes that there’s a distinct anti-science flavor to this,” he said. “They’re really criticizing science because I represent science. That’s dangerous. To me, that’s more dangerous than the slings and the arrows that get thrown at me.”

Asked if he thought attacks were meant to scapegoat him and deflect attention from Donald Trump’s failures, Fauci said: “You have to be asleep not to figure that one out.”

“I’m just going to do my job and I’m going to be saving lives and they’re going to be lying,” he said.

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COVID-19 vaccines may partially work on new variant Omicron, says ex-ICMR scientist Dr Gangakhedkar



Gangakhedkar said the public has an important role to play by following the basic rules of wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene and social distancing

COVID-19 vaccines may partially work on new variant Omicron, says ex-ICMR scientist Dr Gangakhedkar

Representational image. Shutterstock

Amid growing concerns over Omicron, former Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) scientist Dr Raman Gangakhedkar told News18 that vaccines may provide only partial protection against the new ‘heavily mutated’ variant of SARS-CoV-2.

The epidemiologist, who was the face of the country’s apex medical research agency during government briefings on COVID-19 last year, said the surveillance of the new variant, which was detected in Botswana in southern Africa, will not be difficult if the government re-up its ante in testing, tracing, tracking and isolation.

Gangakhedkar emphasised that public has an important role to play by following the basic rules of wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene and social distancing.

“Omicron is going to hunt all those who are vulnerable or non-vaccinated,” he told

“Everyone must make efforts to protect themselves against the virus and not provide an opportunity for the virus to enter, replicate and thus mutate further inside their body.”

Each time the virus reproduces, it involves a risk of producing more faulty copies that have mutations, he said while insisting that “Indians must take both doses of vaccine as an urgency.”

A new coronavirus variant — B.1.1.529, officially named Omicron by the World Health Organisation (WHO) — is known to carry 50 mutations overall, including more than 30 on the spike protein alone.

According to Gangakhedkar, who was involved in the prevention and control strategies against the HIV epidemic in India, spike-protein and antibodies share a relationship between the sword and its cover. Hence, the changes in spike protein may end up decreasing the efficiency of antibodies.

Antigen is like a sword and its cover is like an antibody. “Our body has two ways to produce antibodies, one is generated through vaccines while other is generated via natural infection,” he explained.

The antibodies work by neutralising virus. “But here spike proteins are different which may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines and vaccines may provide partial protection.”

While there is a fear related to the changes in spike protein as the mutations are “large in number”, Gangakhedkar, who retired from ICMR last June said “the surveillance benefit is the difference between Omicron and other variants can be spotted from the RT-PCR test itself.

“The RT-PCR test searches for the presence of three genes. If 2 of the three genes are found, the result is COVID positive. In the Omicron and Alpha variant, the spike protein gene (S gene) will not be detected in RT-PCR. Hence only 2 out of three genes will be positive,” he explained while adding that “all the positive samples where only 2 genes are found should be sent for genome sequencing instead of sending all samples.”

The new strain has been red-flagged by scientists due to an alarmingly high number of mutations, expecting that the heavy mutations might make the virus more resistant to vaccines, increase transmissibility and lead to more severe symptoms. However, former ICMR’s scientist believes that theoretically, viruses mutate to emerge into more transmissible but less virulent versions. “They want to continue their lineage by keeping the host alive and infecting more and more people, theoretically.”

There is some amount of uncertainty with respect to the virulence — severity or harmfulness of virus — as most of those who got infection from this variant are from younger age groups, he claimed.

“Younger persons, as it is, tend to have less severe COVID disease. Hence we need to wait for a couple of weeks for conclusive evidence on virulence.”

What should be done immediately?

According to Gangakhedkar, the government needs to immediately accelerate the vaccination coverage among the people who are yet to take their “first dose” of COVID-19 vaccine or second dose.

“The awareness of taking a second dose on time should also be boosted. India needs a strong campaign to clarify that vaccines work well with full dose and not partial.”

This is the right time to launch aggressive testing, tracking and tracing considering the daily number of infections in the country are lowest. “Health systems are under minimal stress due to COVID-19 . Though we need to immediately isolate people carrying the Omicron strain, it would be good to assume that every infected person is probably having the Omicron variant and intensify subsequent strategies.”

There is no need to introduce extreme measures such as lockdown.

“Some countries that are opting for lockdowns are already witnessing high load on their health infrastructure due to COVID-19 and cannot afford to increase the load further. In India, cases are under control and I don’t see any need to take extreme steps. We only need to go back to the basics.”

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Himachal: 64 Covid cases surface, 2 dead; Shimla reports maximum cases



Himachal recorded 62 Covid cases on Sunday, while the death toll reached 3,830 after two more patients died of the infection; highest of 35 cases reported from Shimla

ByHT Correspondent, Dharamshala

Himachal Pradesh recorded 62 fresh Covid-19 infections on Sunday, taking the state’s case tally to 2,27,003 while the death toll reached 3,830 after two more patients died of the infection.

The highest of 35 cases were reported from Shimla, 11 from Kangra, seven from Solan, four from Hamirpur, two from Una and one each from Bilaspur, Kullu and Mandi.

The active cases came down to 795 while the recoveries have reached 2,22,361 after 74 people recuperated.

In terms of the number of cases, Kangra is the worst hit among all 12 districts logging 51,854 cases since the virus outbreak. It is followed by Mandi with 31,863 cases and Shimla with 27,869 cases.

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