‘India Closed’ on 8 December By Indian Farmers



'India Closed' on 8 December By Indian Farmers
‘India Closed’ on 8 December By Indian Farmers

The government had called upon the farmers to go to Burari Maidan and demonstrate. According to a leader associated with the farmers union, many unions had agreed to this, but then in view of the public anger, they had to decide to stay on the borders.

Farmer leaders say that “there is tremendous anger in the public. If union leaders compromise with the government, the farmers will change their leaders, but will not back down.”

Now the farmers have declared a Bharat Bandh on December 8 before the completion of talks on Saturday and Sunday. Is this an attempt to derail dialogue?

To this, farmer leader from Maharashtra Sandeep Guidde says, “We have told the government its strategy by announcing the Bharat Bandh of December 8. The government should clearly understand that if it does not agree to the demand, then this movement will get bigger.” . “

Says Guidde, “Now the seven borders of Delhi will be completely sealed and key people associated with the peasant movement will be stationed on every border. No front will be left vacant.”

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