Indian-American Influencer Naina Batra reveals how Bollywood movies got her up and dancing


Dancing queen Naina Batra joined us at Pinkvilla USA for a tête-à-tête on our segment of Shattering Stereotypes. Naina’s dance choreography is not only adored by many on the Internet but will also get you up dancing every time you run it.  Naina is a dancer, a choreographer, and a physical therapist. When asked about the inspiration behind her amazing dances, Naina said that it is something that comes very naturally to her.

Naina said, “Honestly, it”s one of those things that just comes naturally to me. So, I don’t know what sparks in me but I would say Bollywood movies got me up and dancing. It has been something I always looked up to and thought, ‘I want to be able to do that someday.’ Just that feeling of being an entertainer and entertaining the audience on stage particularly through dance was something I always look back to.”

When asked if she ever fathomed that she would be a digital influencer via dance, Naina replied, “Absolutely not, if you go back 10 years ago or 15 years ago, in fact, these platforms didn’t even exist then. There was no YouTube or Instagram, so I think it just started off with a stepping stone of first just me leaving my room because I would Just dance in my room all day long. I think there are so many women now I’m able to connect with, that tell me the same thing. The next step would be to perform locally and then from there one thing leads to another. I just depended on the feedback to motivate myself to do better and then soon enough YouTube and social media was just at my feet. Everybody has access to it and so yeah that’s what it is. If I remember back then there was no way to even think this would be coming.”

When asked if online trolls bother her, Naina said, “No, they don’t. It’s not only online. There are negative comments that you get in real life too, from people you know. But I just follow my heart.

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