5 Best File Managers for iPhone to Manage Files on iOS


Have you recently switched from Android to iPhone? Then you can notice that there is no File Manager available for your iDevice. So if you are in need of a file managing application for your iDevice, Then you have to get it from an external source. You can only get a file manager unless if your iDevice is jailbreak.

Best File Manager App For IOS

Best File Managers for iPhone to Manage Files on iOS
Best File Managers for iPhone to Manage Files on iOS

Actually, iPhones and iPads won’t allow its users to access the internal file managing system. However, there are file manager apps that you can use to manage files on your iDevice without jailbreak.

#1 Documents 5

Document 5 is the best File Managing application for your IOS devices which is available for free of cost.The app lets you manage almost everything on your iDevice. With the help of Documents 5, you’ll be able to access your entire Apple Music/iCloud Music Library, along with your Photos, iCloud files and much more. The app also supports ZIP files so that one can easily extract ZIP files on your iDevice.

You can even read PDF files and also can listen to audio, view images through the app itself. The app lets your Data integrated with all the online drives too.you can even create FTP servers on your iDevice, which you can connect to, using any FTP client of your choice. and even the app comes with an inbuilt web browser which can let you surf the internet through the app.

Get Document 5 here

#2 FileApp

FileApp is the other File Managing application available for iPhone and iPad’s. With a great user interface, the app organizes files automatically and even displays the recently accessed files which you have accessed within the app. You can even record audio through the app itself.

FileApp will also be used to sync data from your iPhone to a computer, or Mac. The app offers various options to do this, including switch over HTTP, FTP, and using the FileApp desktop app. Sharing is becoming off, via default, however, you could flip it on, and even set a customized username, and password, to preserve your records protected from unauthorized entry.

Get FileApp Here

#3 File Hub

One of the great File Manager app available for iPhone and iPad is File Hub. You can create folders and even customize them. The app also lets you create blank files too and you can even import a file from the clipboard. The app also offers you to import all the files from iCloud Drive as well. You can even share or sync all your data from iPhone or iPad to your mac.

To protect your mobile from unauthorized access, You can enable secure Wi-Fi transfer to enable on the app. Unluckily, the app doesn’t aid touch id, which is something i am hoping the developer provides soon. All in all, the app is obviously a good alternative for managing records on an iPhone or iPad; and to share documents between an iPhone, and a Mac or pc.

Get FileHub Here

Use the Best iOS File Manager Apps to Manage Files Easily

These are the best File Managers For Your IOS device. You can easily use these above-listed apps and can manage all files easily on your iDevice. These apps also can manage, search through, hide, and even protect your files with passwords, and Touch ID.

Do you use file managers in your iPhone? If so, which one is your favourite? Do share your thoughts with us, and if you realize of any other nice file managers for iPhone, and iPad, do tell us about them in the feedback part under.


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