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Is it OK for a kid to have a YouTube channel?


More than 75% of the kid wants to be youtuber. Why do they want to be the next rising star on youtube? Do they really want to? Else they’re seeking diversion from the routine life? With youtube being the topmost video sharing platform with over 2Billion + active users, parents leave kids to watch youtube tutorials which help them to learn a concept in clear cuts.

Meanwhile, a plethora of kids ends up surfing gaming commentary videos while other tend to watch videos from their favorite creators. Right from a five-year-old kid to a teenager, everyone these days is addicted to youtube.

Why Every KID Wants To Be YouTuber

Rather than learning something, Kids these days want to show up themselves. Some want to show their beauty of gaming, while others want to share information. They want to prove themselves creating the best channel of either entertainment or education niches.

A kid who surfs youtube to gain knowledge or solve a problem will end up encountering why there are a plethora of creators on the platform with their unique styles. This makes them know in deep about the platform and finally, they’ve succeeded knowing that youtube is the platform to showcase skill or knowledge. In return, they can grow their own audience or fans with whom they can build a network.

Gone are those days where you’ve to go out, explore new places, and build relations with people. Commenting, Vlogging, and online communities are the new path of exploring. This is why a plethora of Kids Wants To Be YouTubers.

On the other side, every kid has their own perception of understanding things. A kid might feel its too easy to make a 10-minute video and upload it to youtube. But they fail to know how much effort they have to put to make a quality and informative video of those 10 minutes.

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