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‘It Takes Two’ game innovative and weird | Entertainment


What surprised me, though, with “It Takes Two” was how robust the game felt. While you and I were playing it, I kept thinking I would absolutely start this game over with someone else. No offense to you! I just meant, it felt like a story-driven co-op game that would play differently with who you were playing with.

I mean, if I had a significant other, I would absolutely want to play “It Takes Two” with them. I like the way it sort of brings up little moments in a relationship, and how a forgotten and old vacuum can not just be a massive monster we maneuver inside — one in which two characters are running, jumping and gliding through coils — but also a metaphor for how we move on, what we leave behind and how we forget that comfort almost always trumps whatever is new.

As someone who is relatively shy, playing games is my favorite way to get to know a new partner and I like the way that “It Takes Two” nudges toward bigger ideas. It doesn’t linger on them and wants to fall back on humor, but for me it worked, as is it raising questions for the player, and I believe game narratives should give us tools and blocks rather than the whole plot.

Beyond the story, though, I was also surprised at just how difficult it was. While we were able to best a number of bosses, I was getting pretty stressed with the battle with the giant beetle. I should say, for those with bug phobias, of which I am one, the insects are pretty cartoonish and there’s some clever animation in the way hornets will take on World War I flying ace formations.

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