Jason Momoa movie shot in Pittsburgh to be released in 2021


A movie starring Jason Momoa that was shot in Pittsburgh will soon be available for streaming on Netflix.

Titled “Sweet Girl,” the film is scheduled to be released sometime this year, although the exact date remains unknown.

According to the film’s official IMDb page, “Sweet Girl” follows the story of “[a] devasted husband [who] vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left: his daughter.” Momoa stars as this revenge-driven grieving husband, Cooper, who embarks on the usual high-voltage brutal mission to enact justice on wrong-doers.

Momoa is also serving as the movie’s producer, and boasts a cast list which includes the likes of Marisa Tomei as co-stars. It is unclear whether a trailer for the film has been released, as some online accounts unaffiliated with Netflix have published concept videos piecing together clips from other movies and presenting them as official media from the film.

“Sweet Girl” began filming in Pittsburgh around November 2019 and wrapped in February 2020. The city was in a tizzy throughout its production as various sightings of Momoa popped up all over the place, prompting women to keep their eyes peeled at all times.

News outlets everywhere detailed the star’s moves, from his visiting a children’s hospital in between takes to his casual drinking session at an Irish pub. He even seemed to make it to some Penguins and Steelers games.

Further information regarding the film—such as the aforementioned confirmed release date and trailer—remains pending.


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