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Joe Biden’s ‘narrow’ foreign policy barely any different to Trump’s | World | News



One year into his presidency, Joe Biden is the second-most unpopular US president of all time, coming in just after Donald Trump’s abysmal approval ratings in 2017. Reflecting on these approval ratings, Professor Rob Singh, expert in contemporary US politics and American foreign policy at Birkbeck, University of London, described how there have been subtle changes “at the margins” of Biden’s policy decisions, but more “continuity” than international analysts had expected from the Democrat president.

He told “When it comes to the substance of foreign policy, there’s a lot more continuity with the Trump administration than many were expecting.

“A lot of the emphasis [is] on multilateralism, rather than unilateralism – we haven’t really seen that realised yet.”

He added: “On things like trade, fundamentally, there’s substantial continuity between Trump and Biden, even if Biden has just now lifted some of the tariffs on Europe.”

This continuity, he said, is part of a “paradigm shift” which was born under President Obama, “advanced in a very different way under Trump, but is also being carried on by Biden.”

This shift, according to Professor Singh, is “Biden taking that slight insular term of America and a more nationalist foreign policy.”

He pointed out it is characterised by: “a withdrawal particularly from the Middle East, a refusal to actually engage in military intervention, except very much as a last resort, [and] a downplaying of human rights and democracy promotion.”

On Biden’s style of approaching foreign policy, he said: “He’s taking it on in a more diplomatic way than Trump did, but the substance, I expect, will continue.”

He added: “I don’t think its any kind of isolationist term, because America is still engaged in the wider world – not least on confronting the China challenge.

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However, despite these foreign policy choices on the part of the Biden administration, Professor Singh said that, outside of the United States, “he’s certainly still got the respect of international leaders.”

Professor Singh evaluated Biden’s popularity on the global, rather than domestic stage: “I think most publics again because he’s not Trump quite like him.

“That seems to me relatively broad, but quite shallow.”

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Possible Release Date of This Rumoured Zack Snyder Movie!



How much truth is there to the rumor that Ben Affleck has given up the cape and cowl as Batman? Let’s find out.

Ben Affleck has recently spoken about his time at DC and the reason for leaving. Here is a list of everything he discussed.


Dawn Of Justice

Since Affleck began working at DC, he has continuously collaborated with Snyder in the director’s chair for a movie. The first few minutes of Justice League were also a similar story. However, due to a personal issue in the director’s life, there were issues.

Affleck said that he had more fun making the earlier film.

In a recent interview, Ben Affleck spoke about the filming of Justice League.

The DC Extended Universe’s 2017 superhero film was Justice League. The characters in the film were Affleck as Batman, Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Miller as the Flash, Momoa as Aquaman, and Fisher as Cyborg.

The goal of the film was to create a DC counterpart to the Avengers, but it spectacularly failed.

Mr. Allens believes the film to be haunted by a personal tragedy. This is a personal tragedy for Snyder, who lost his daughter as a result of the accident.

In Affleck’s view, the fact that it was directed by two directors who couldn’t collaborate was a major factor in the film’s failure to live up to expectations.

Why Does Ben Affleck Want To Leave DC?

In his debut film, Affleck enjoyed the superhero genre. While developing Justice League, he lost interest at some point.

that’s why he wants to move on. It’s been a long time since that moment, and Affleck doesn’t feel compelled to keep it going. Superhero films should be made by individuals who are truly enthusiastic about them.


First and foremost, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Justice League 2 is not being developed by Warner Bros. Yes, we realize that this entire post is about the sequel, but the studio has expressed no interest in continuing the plot. WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff told Variety in March 2021 that they’re delighted Snyder was able to finish his trilogy, but that’s where it ends.

“I’m glad they like Zack’s work, and we’re grateful for all of his contributions to DC.” We’re just overjoyed that he was able to bring his version of the “Justice League” to life, as that wasn’t originally planned.”

The Dark Knight is resurrected! The Batman release date has been set.

“With it comes the completion of his trilogy,” she added. We’re ecstatic to have completed this, but we’re even more ecstatic about the plans we have for all of the multi-dimensional DC characters now in development.”

Obviously, this does not mean that the story is over for all of the characters. The Flash will cast Ben Affleck’s Batman alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman, with Ezra Miller repeating his role as Barry Allen. Meanwhile, Patty Jenkins just stated that Wonder Woman 3 is in development, with Gal Gadot reprising her role as Diana Prince. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, directed by highly renowned director James Wan, is currently in production. As a result, the DC Extended Universe is still alive and well!

Is Still Happening?

According to the original script, a follow-up to Justice League was scheduled for release in June of last year. But we haven’t heard anything about the film since then.

There is no telling whether or not the film will be made now that there has been no new production announcement, and Affleck has moved out of DC.

We may only wait and anticipate. There is no end to human optimism! Isn’t it?


You probably already know the solution to this one. No, there isn’t a Justice League 2 trailer. However, there is an animated Justice League film called Justice League Dark: Apokolips War that plays with similar themes to what Zack Snyder had intended for the sequel.

Let’s watch the trailer of justice league!

Stay tuned for more updates with alphanewscall!

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New Covid-19 variant forces postponement of CWC League 2 matches, UAE and Oman return home



The UAE has announced the cancellation of all flights coming from South Africa.

Oman. (Photo Source: Twitter/T20 World Cup)

The Covid-19 pandemic has once again proven to be a roadblock in the cricketing world. The new strain of Coronavirus, called Omicron is spreading in South Africa, and as a result, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Oman sides will be returning back to their respective countries.

Also, various countries had imposed a travel ban on people from South Africa as well, and this has now resulted in the postponement of the Cricket World Cup (CWC) League 2 matches as well.

The UAE has announced the cancellation of all flights coming from South Africa and there are also several restrictions on the entry of passengers who have come through countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Eswatini and Botswana as well.

Oman and UAE return home on the same chartered flights

The Oman and the UAE cricket teams returned home on the same chartered flights. The Netherlands team meanwhile is still in Pretoria waiting for their departure to their homeland.

Oman and Namibia had locked horns in 2 matches on 26th and 27th November 2021 respectively. While the Namibia side had won the first rubber, beating their opposition by 40 runs, Oman bounced back in the second ODI and beat the Namibia outfit by a slender margin of 9 runs.

These games are a part of the CWC League 2, which should finish before the 2023 World Cup qualifiers tournament. But then, due to the postponement of matches due to Covid-19, the league might not be completed before the scheduled time.

The emergence of the new Covid-19 variant had also forced the postponement of the ODI series between South Africa and The Netherlands as well. Only one out of the 3 scheduled matches between the two sides was completed.

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The Office: 9 Projects Fans Can See The Cast In 2022 – Screen Rant



The Office: 9 Projects Fans Can See The Cast In 2022  Screen Rant

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