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Kangana Ranaut wants ‘fine or imprisonment for 3rd child’ to control population, reacts to reminder about own 2 siblings

  • Kangana Ranaut said that those having a third child should be punished to keep the population of India in check. Here is how she responded on being reminded about her own two siblings.

PUBLISHED ON APR 21, 2021 09:54 AM IST

Kangana Ranaut tweeted in favour of ‘strict laws’ to limit the population in India. She said ‘vote politics’ should be kept aside, and that ‘looking at crisis today at least there should be fine or imprisonment for third child’.

Comedian Saloni Gaur reminded Kangana that she has two siblings herself — elder sister Rangoli Chandel and younger brother Aksht Ranaut.

Retaliating to Saloni’s tweet, Kangana called her an ‘annoying dumb fool’ with no understanding of ‘complex topics’ and criticised her comedy as a ‘joke’. “No wonder your comedy is a joke on you,my great grandpa had 8 siblings in those days many children used to die, in jungles there were more animals hardly any humans, we must change with changing times, need of the hour is population control like China we should have strong rules,” she wrote.

A screenshot of Kangana Ranaut's tweet.
A screenshot of Kangana Ranaut’s tweet.

“If you could understand complex topics like these you would do something worth while with your life not mock people their vulnerabilities their hard earned success to feed yourself, you clearly don’t know any better, little annoying dumb fool,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

Kangana’s tweets on population control were an extension of her views on the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier, she tweeted that ‘anyone who is angry, depressed and rattled with current situation is an entitled brat’.

The post got a lot of criticism online and one Twitter user pointed out that the virus claimed the lives of many and ‘destroyed’ several families. In response, Kangana wrote, “People are dying because of over population 130 crore Indians on paper but add more 25crores illegal immigrants a third world country but got a great leadership which is leading the world in vaccination drive and fight against corona. But we also need to take responsibility na.”

A screengrab of Kangana Ranaut's tweets.
A screengrab of Kangana Ranaut’s tweets.

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Kangana went on to say that the US has a fraction of the population that India has, but ‘land/resources are thrice’. “China may have population as much as India but land/resources are almost thrice,” she wrote, adding that the ‘population problem’ is ‘severe’.

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