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KCR denies lockdown in Telangana, says it would lead to financial collapse


Amid the surge in COVID cases in the state of Telangana, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has clarified that lockdown would not be imposed in the Telangana state as the imposition of lockdown would make life stand still and would lead to the total collapse of the financial system.

Speaking during the review meeting the CM said,” There is no use imposing lockdown. Telangana is the most happening state in the country, 25 to 30 Lakh workers from other states are working here. We have seen how their lives were adversely impacted by the lockdown imposed in the first wave. We cannot stop the supply of essential commodities, other emergency and essential services. We are also importing from other states, vaccines, medicines, injections etc., they will be affected if the lockdown is imposed. If the lockdown is imposed, the government will become responsible for creating a panic situation. Hence the government is not ready it impose lockdown. However, we will identify the areas where the cases are more and declare them as Micro level Containment zones and take the required measures,”.

During a telephonic conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM KCR spoke about the supply of the required vaccines, Oxygen and Remdesivir and urged to supply the same immediately. The CM brought to the notice of the PM that the Oxygen supplies allocated to the state from Sriperambadur and in Tamil Nadu and Bellary in Karnataka have not been supplied so far.

Hyderabad is burdened: CM

As Hyderabad became a medical Hub, people from bordering states are also depending on Hyderabad for medical treatment. The CM explained that since people from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka are coming to Hyderabad for treatment there is an alarming increase of burden on the city.  CM told the PM that there is 50 per cent more Corona patients than the Telangana people are coming to Hyderabad for treatment it had an adverse impact on the availability of Oxygen, vaccines and injections like the Remdesivir. The CM said as on date there is the availability of 440 MT of Oxygen per day and it should be increased to 500 MT per day. The availability of Remdesivir is only 4900 and it should be increased to 25000. Centre so far gave only 50 Lakh doses of vaccine and it should also be increased based on the needs of the state. The CM requested the PM to ensure the supply of 2 to 2.5 Lakh doses of vaccine per day and it should be supplied immediately.

CM KCR spoke to the companies manufacturing Remdesivir and asked them to increase the supply. As on date there are 9500 beds with Oxygen are available in Government hospitals and wanted 5000 more to be added within a week all over the state. CM instructed the Chief Secretary to make immediate arrangements to airlift 12 Cryogenic tankers from China for a better Oxygen supply at a cost of Rs one crore each.

CM also reviewed the availability of Oxygen had also made attempts to increase its supply and instructed the medical and health officials to purchase 500 Oxygen enrichers. The CM suggested that more enrichers should be added immediately and wanted setting up of a system that generated Oxygen in a short time.

KCR urged people to utilise the Covid Kits supplied by the government. He said the Kits would be provided through Asha workers and ANMs. Along with the medicines, there will be a pamphlet on the precautions to be taken for the curtailment of Corona.

CM also urged people to take part in the fight against Corona voluntarily and take precautionary measures. He advised people not to move in crowd, more than 100 should not attend the marriage ceremonies, frequent use of sanitisers, wearing masks and maintaining physical distance should be observed at all times. Such precautions would only prevent the virus from spread, the CM said.