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Whether you are on a low-carb diet or strictly following your keto diet plan, going for some keto cookies in your snack time will not be a bad idea. These cookies are made from healthy ingredients and can help you avoid munching on unhealthy snacks whenever you feel hungry. These cookies are usually sweetened with healthy natural sweeteners to make keto cookies apt for a variety of restricted diet plans.

To help you buy a pack of delicious and diet-friendly keto cookies, we have a list of some of the most trusted options available online. Have a look at these popular and delicious cookies that you can enjoy in your snack time without thinking too much about your diet plan.

When it comes to keto snacks, regular food products and more, Ketofy is a trusted brand in India. This pack of keto cookies by the brand is a delight for chocolate lovers who cannot have regular chocolates when they are on a restricted diet. These cookies are made from natural butter, sunflower seeds, cocoa, cocoa butter, watermelon seeds, flax seeds, rice bran oil, almonds, pumpkin seeds and more to give you plenty of nutrients and a delicious flavour.

These cookies are great as evening snacks, before working out, after working out or just while having tea. You can even carry a pack in your bag when you are travelling to stick to your keto diet plans easily.

If you love enjoying the delicious flavour of coconut desserts and snacks, this pack of keto cookies can be a good option to consider when you are on a restricted diet. Besides keto, these cookies can even go well with vegan and paleo diet plans. These cookies are free from sugar and maida and are made from whole wheat flour, coconut, melon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, coconut flour, groundnuts, stevia and more.

These cookies are easy to digest and can even help you stick to your weight management goals.

When it comes to healthy food products, NutroActive is another trusted brand in the Indian market. This pack of almond cookies by the brand can be a good option to consider if you are on a keto diet. These cookies are made from almonds, milk powder, protein isolate, baking powder and other necessary ingredients that will give the right flavour to these cookies.

Since these are eggless and gluten-free cookies, they can be consumed by almost everyone. You can have 2-3 cookies in a day depending on your hunger and munching cravings.

Here is another delight for chocolate lovers who are having a hard time sticking to their keto diet plans. These cookies are free from sugar and are sweetened using stevia which is a natural sugar substitute. These cookies are made using low-carb flour that is made from seeds and nuts, sugar-free dark chocolate, butter, cocoa, cold-pressed sunflower oil, baking powder and more.

Prefer storing these cookies in an airtight container. The shelf life of this pack is 90 days from the date of manufacturing.

Here is another good option that you can buy online if you are looking for low-carb or keto-friendly cookies. These double-chocolate cookies are delicious to consume and give you a guilt-free munching experience and are free from sugar. You can have these cookies with your tea or coffee or just like that to have something delicious whenever you want.

The shelf life of these cookies is 45 days from the date of manufacturing.

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