Khaidi / Kaithi full movie download leaked online by Tamilrockers, Impact on Box office ?


Kaithi or Khaidi in Telugu is a multi-star movie with Karthi, Narain and George Maryan on the lead. Now, it was only released on October 25 and has leaked all over the internet already. The Kaithi/Khaidi full movie watch online is available on Tamilrockers. Khaidi full movie download online by torrent will be available soon on all the other websites. Read our Kaithi movie review

The movie was released on the same day as the superstar movie Bigil statting Superstar Vijay. The whole SouthIndia is witnessing the clash between two Diwali high-grade movies. With the advent of high-quality camera mobiles with a very cheap cost, it is practically impossible to stop the movie from spreading all over the internet.

The support these sites get from online users encourages them to upload more. Tamilrockers is a South Indian piracy website that specializes in publishing every kind of movie almost on the release date itself. The authorities tried to stop them many times. They had taken down the original website and arrested some of the admins. All these doesn’t seem to affect them at all. The same day the site came live from another domain address.

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The filmmakers are in big trouble and are facing huge losses. Now even a common man knows how to use a VPN. This makes the viewers totally safe from legal trouble. The movie Kaithi/ Khaidi is running in lesser theatres than the movie Bigil in Telugu states.

For the sake of the filmmakers and the workers, kindly watch movies from the theatres itself.


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