Kundali Bhagya 15 April 2021 Written Update: Karan gets upset on failing to bail Preeta out

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, in a room with Prithvi, Sherlyn accuses him of Akshay’s murder. He gets annoyed with her presumptions and it leads to an argument. Kritika visits a jailed Preeta, who asks her is Karan is still upset with her. She tells Kritika that Karan had seen them outside the hotel. Kritika feels guilty about landing Preeta in trouble, but she calms her. Sarla and Srishti visit the police station and ask ACP Vijay the reason behind arresting Preeta. After Srishti argues with him, he lets them meet Preeta. Sarla sees Kritika with teary eyes and asks for the reason behind Preeta’s arrest. Kritika remains speechless and Preeta begins to explain how she hit Akshay with a wooden tray. Sarla and Srishti assure Preeta that definitely someone else has murdered Akshay. Preeta tells them to relax and let the law decide her innocence. Sarla asks Kritika why nobody from the Luthra House is at the police station with Preeta. Preeta insists Kritika to leave and requests Sarla to calm down. A furious Sarla decides to visit the Luthras and question them, but Srishti tries to stop her. At the Luthra House, Mahira reveals to Sherlyn that Karan may have beaten up Akshay. Mahira’s revelation make Sherlyn suspect Prithvi, Karan, and Mahira of Akshay’s murder.

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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, outside the police station, Srishti tries to stop Sarla from visiting the Luthras. Sarla explains how the Luthras are wrong if they are not willing to support a jailed Preeta. Srishti tries to convince her that this could lead to an argument, which would hurt Preeta. Sarla vows to do anything to bail Preeta out and leaves from there. Srishti prays for Preeta and thinks why nobody is helping her. She thinks about visiting the Luthras for Preeta.

Mahesh finds Rakhi worried and assures her that he will look after Preeta. Suddenly, Kareena arrives there and questions him is he will visit Preeta. Mahesh lies to her that he will visit his doctor and not Preeta. After she leaves, Mahesh reveals to Rakhi how Karan is upset with Preeta but trying to bail her out. Karan argues with ACP Vijay that Preeta is innocent and waits for his lawyer. However, Karan gets mad at his lawyer when he fails to bail Preeta out.

Karan leaves from there and ACP Vijay promises Karan’s lawyer to take Preeta to the court. Srishti visits the Luthra House and Sameer tells her why he couldn’t help Preeta. Srishti questions Karan about his behaviour and requests him to visit Preeta. Sushila, a lady constable, gives Preeta a refreshment that makes her realise that Karan had visited her. Suresh tells Pammi that someone had broken the injection brought by Sherlyn. Kritika, Rakhi, Suresh refuse to have dinner due to being upset. However, Kareena and Pammi avoid all this and focus on eating their meal.

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Updated: April 14, 2021 — 7:52 pm

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