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Lachlan sends fans in a frenzy with a Fortnite x Pokemon custom map


Fortnite professional and popular YouTube content creator Lachlan recently released a video exploring an incredibly detailed Pokemon map that was created in Fortnite’s Creative Gameplay mode.

Lachlan sends fans in a frenzy with a Fortnite x Pokemon custom map

The video begins with the creator of the map, NarXo, receiving a quick shoutout before Lachlan dives into the exciting new map. Lachlan does note that players will need to have a translating tool handy as the language used within the map is French.

Image via Lachlan on YouTube
Image via Lachlan on YouTube

Just as Pokemon Red and Blue begin, Fortnite players will spawn in Ash’s bedroom with Pokemon items surrounding them. After leaving the first home, loopers will run into Professor Oak.

Gamers who choose to visit this creative map are sure to feel absolute nostalgia as they go on their mission to fill their “PokeDex.” The careful consideration that went into this map is truly appreciated by Lachlan, and all Pokemon fans who visit this tribute to Pallet Town.

Loopers within the map will see all types of Pokemon ranging from Weedle to Snorlax to Gyrados. Beyond simply exploring the Pokemon-inspired location and catching Pokemon, there are actual quests that Fortnite players can complete for a special surprise at the end.

While this map is an exciting and original concept brought to life by NarXo, Lachlan hopes that a Pokemon x Fortnite collaboration backed by Epic Games might become a reality someday.

Fans of Lachlan, Pokemon, and Fortnite agree that the creation of some sort of Pokemon x Fortnite crossover would be a thrilling event. The ability to have Pokemon-inspired skin or even Pokemon-inspired battlefield features will only enhance the passion felt towards Fortnite within the community.

Until Epic Games decides to bring Pikachu and its fellow Pokemon to the battlefield, however, fans of both Fortnite and Pokemon can visit the creative map for a wonderful experience.