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Live Your Passion – Follow The UnConventional Path

How many of you ever failed in life? 

How Many Of You Follow The Passion?

How many of you got the courage to do something bigger than you ever expected to do? 

How many of you have the curiosity and passion to follow a dream life. 

How many of you know have an artistic heart with Entrepreneur Mind. 

We are often told by society and our parents/ teachers to opt for a conventional career and the old way of doing things.  But that’s not all we set for! Right? 

In the New episode of Trending Diary, Rahul Basak, founder of Amar Canvas, a platform for vendors to sell their paintings all around the world. And also the co-founder and chief editor at my canvas talk and internationally recognized speaker.

Live Your Passion Or Education?

Host (Priya Sachdeva) – 

Born and Brought up in India, generally what I had heard, if you are someone who just wants to be an artist, you know, to belong to the world of art, the first question comes up to you how you will earn money? 

What are you going to eat? So how did you overcome that question?  Not just from society, but from yourself, too?

Rahul Basak–  Yeah, I think I overcame the situation by creating a company. And that is what led me to become an entrepreneur, to be honest, that was the primary problem that I was facing. And I think that time, the personal crisis became very hard. Like, when all the people around you start telling you you cannot do anything in your life. If you’re following your only passion.

I was an engineering student, so I was supposed to become that engineer. If you have time, then only you can do something for your passion. 

But you cannot take it as an option. So that’s really hard. So that really affected me a lot. And Second I didn’t know what else I’m good at. 


So I just did what I did, actually, I started giving less priority to my academics in such a way, although I was a good student, hopefully. But I started giving more priorities to the team, which actually makes me happy. Although later I understood education is important But your passion makes you alive and give meaning to life.  So better, Live Your Passion!

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