LOCKED Down | Here Is How You Can Increase Internet Speed Of JIO NETWORK


Delhi: If you’re in a congested area during this lockdown then it is for sure that mobile data consumption is at peak leaves nearby your place. If you are one among those denied areas then you might definitely experience slow data/network speed. Here we share a few possible tips which help you to increase NETWORK speed during the lockdown.

Increase Internet Speed During Lockdown

During this lockdown people out there are busy watching movies in HD and playing online multiplayer games. Which in result increased data consumption all across the nation. All the channels of internet service providers are at peak levels of consumption.

How To Increase Internet Speed
How To Increase Internet Speed

A plethora of users had complained about the slow network speed at their localities. Few of them also said that YouTube buffering is not possible using their mobile network. Here we shared the working trick which was exposed ethically by Anil Kumar Tony on his youtube channel.

How To Increase Internet Speed:

  1. Take two smartphones, one with JIO Telecom Network another with any other Indian telecom network.
  2. Now call from JIO to another mobile. NOTE: make sure to call from the network in which you have IUC.
  3. Then surf the internet from any of these two networks. Make sure the call won’t get disconnected while you’re busy surfing the internet.

This hack provides an additional CHANNEL for the call. Which in turn results in an additional network data speed which helps you to surf the internet, upload forms, and speed up your office work from home.


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