‘Log on’ to classical music

The classical music fest, Aarambh — put together by Saptak and Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Academy, Govt of Gujarat, continues to mesmerise with an array of interesting performances. Today, listen to something we usually do not get to hear – the beautiful tunes of jal tarang and kach tarang, by the duo of Hemdeep Sharma and Jayantibhai Sharma. Besides this, also watch vocal, tabla and flute performances.

‘Aarambh’ DAY 5

TODAY, 8.30pm

Matang Parikh Light classical vocal

Joby Joy Tabla

Alap Parikh Flute

Jayanti Sharma Kach


Hemdeep Sharma Jal Tarang

Joby Joy Tabla

Viraj Amar Vocal

Sapan Anjaria Tabla

Tejas Soni Harmonium

Register for a ‘cruising’ talk

In a new series of Uncharted Lands – A travelogue Series, titled ‘Experience Differently’, on Thursday, listen to Antara Phookan talk on ‘Cruising the Brahmaputra on Assam Bengal Navigation’. The Assam Bengal Navigation believe in sustainable ways of operation, thereby ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Join us on this ‘river cruising’ with Antara Phookan as she speaks about the passion her family has towards environmental, education and local community development efforts in the region of Assam and Bengal.

When: March 25, 6.30pm Where: Online on Zoom

Entry: By free registration Call: 9825066880

Log on: https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZMsc


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