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Lok Sabha Poll 2019: PM Modi Lashes Out At Opposition During Election Speech In Meerut


Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his electoral campaign for 2019 Lok Sabha Polls from Meerut Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

While addressing the people he came down heavily on the opposition for seeking proof of IAF air strikes conducted on terror camps in Pakistan’s Balakot after the Pulwama terror attack. “Our sapoot (sons) are our best saboot (proof),” PM Modi said triggering huge applause from the crowd.

He further said, he is a chowkidar and will give clear ‘hisaab’ of all that his government did and ask others to give their ‘hisaab’ as well.

He lashed out at Rahul Gandhi’s “theatre” jibe over PM Modi’s address to announce India’s successful testing of an anti-satellite weapon on Wednesday, he said, “People who do not understand the difference between ASAT and theatre sets, what can we say about them. We have to explain these things as well to these people.”

He further said, “these mahamilaavat leaders flourish when the country has cracks, when the country is weak because they can exploit this to make their personal fortunes. But now they are scared because India is uniting, becoming stronger, and they now know that they can no longer exploit the people. I, on the other hand, have no fortune and no desire to create one either. All I think about is making India stronger, developing India. Your love is all I need. I am not in this to create personal fortunes.”

Hitting out at the SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi says, “Old enemies are now friends. From ‘2 ladke’ it’s now ‘bua bhatija’. This just shows that for these people there is no bigger target than power.”

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Voting in Meerut, Gautambudh Nagar (Noida), Ghaziabad, Kairana is scheduled to take place in the first phase on April 11. Counting of votes will take place on May 23. His next rally is later today in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.