Lori Launches A Music Video Inspired By Closer Movie


singer Lori anticipates the mood of her debut album and
releases the single and video “Choro na Cama”. One of
the highlights of the new Brazilian indie pop, the song
follows the natural sensuality of its previous releases, the
single “Introestelar” and the EP “Vênus em Virgem”.
The song is a pop ballad, full of groove, brilliance and
R&B references, in which the artist expresses her
vulnerability while learning from love. The single is
already available on the main streaming

With strong cinematographic inspirations,
the clip features among the references the film “Closer”
(2004). The images evoke the contrast between the sensual,
mysterious persona, who refuses to allow the other to enter
his world; and true surrender to someone, stripped of masks,
open to intimacy.

“Choro na Cama is something
very new for me, with another maturity, but I also feel that
I am rescuing an essence that I have already pointed out
since my first song. You know, I never wrote about love
before, not in that melted and real way, which carries its
own difficulties. And the funniest thing is that it comes
from this place of crying, of vulnerability, of trying to
open up, of how I felt trying to create intimacy and true
connection with someone else”, explains

The single is a new point in the artist’s
trajectory, which unites more dense landscapes – as in the
single “Introestelar” – and moves towards illumination,
in “Choro na Cama”. The song brings strong influences
from R&B, and from singers like Eliza, Chloe x Halle and

“On any given day while I was lying
down, the chorus came to me in an instant of inspiration,
that’s when I thought ‘THERE IT IS!’ (laughs). Then, to
continue composing the music and building the identity that
it has, I immediately felt that it was of a romantic and
dramatic energy, with a Latin touch (hello Kali Uchis!) And
full of mystery”, reveals the singer and

The song “Choro na Cama” shows
Lori’s evolution throughout her career, in which the artist
participates more and more in the production. The lyrics of
the song reaffirm this exposure and expansion, with the
phrases: “The tears that fall are just to heal, and
eventually they will stop / Forgive me for crying in bed, I
know that my drama keeps me away from us”.

are learning and learning again how to make music, and I am
doing my best to offer what is necessary. I am very proud of
that. The symbol of the heart planet that I adopted as the
center of this universe is more and more alive and
pulsating, has taken on a new form in Choro na Cama, and
will continue to be reworked with each single and next
step.”, Says Lori.

The track Choro na Cama
brings musical production by Gabriel Nascimento, also
responsible for the bass. Lucas Carrasco contributes to the
guitar line. The clip features directing, filming and
editing by Jack Bones, with direction and filming assistance
by Rony Hernandes. Editing and editing are carried out by
Matheus Amoreira, while the styling is by Evyn Azevedo and
Mellina Morais (Liame Ateliê). The cover of the single
features photography by Inácio Marçal, and art by Rafael

Watch “Choro na Cama”: https://youtu.be/zoVVCSKHudA

to “Choro na Cama” in the streamings:

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