love relationship


Once, three old men took shelter outside a house at night. When a woman came out of her house, she saw all three old people. The woman said, “I don’t know you guys, but I think you are hungry!”
                                  Please come in and eat something. The elders said that the three of us would never go to a house together. The woman wanted to know why? An old man explained that my name is Prem, the second name is Success and the third is Property. He further said that now you should ask the people of your family, which of us would you like to call inside.
                                 The woman went inside and talked to her husband that he said – we all call the property; His wife disagreed and said – why don’t we call it success? In the end, his daughter advised, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call Prem? Both agreed to the wishes of their daughter.
                          Who is he love? Calling out, he urged her to come inside. As soon as Prem entered the house, property and success also followed him. Prem explained the reason to the smiling family that where love happens, success and wealth also come on their own. But if you called wealth or success, I would not follow them. Those who have love and peace in their family, they get success and wealth.


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