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Macy Gray American Flag Controversy


“I shouldn’t’ have to salute it, I shouldn’t have to honor it, I shouldn’t have to pledge to it.”

Macy Gray is speaking her truth. On Juneteenth, the “I Try” singer wrote an opinion piece for MarketWatch titled “For Juneteenth, America needs a new flag that all of us can honor.”

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Macy argued that it’s time for America to consider a new flag given the fact that the current one represents, in her words, “divisiveness and hate.”

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Macy spoke specifically to the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots where people used the flag as a symbol to represent their hateful actions.

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“The people there held it up as their symbol as ‘this is what America represents,’” she wrote. “‘We’re threatening to hang the vice president and our gang sign is the flag.’”

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Macy argues that we should create a redesigned flag that represents all of us.

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“What if the stripes were OFF-white? What if there were 52 stars to include D.C. and Puerto Rico? What if the stars were the colors of ALL of us — your skin tone and mine — like the melanin scale?” she argued. “The blue square represents vigilance and perseverance; and the red stripes stand for valor. America is all of those things. So, what if those elements on the flag remained? What if the flag looked like this?”

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Macy’s idea isn’t wildly off base considering the U.S. flag has actually gone through many changes over the years.


The current design of the U.S. flag is its 27th. The design has been modified officially 26 times since 1777. For example, it originally consisted of 13 stars and 13 stripes, representing the 13 original colonies. 

However, her opinion still has many people divided on the issue.

What we’re NOT going to do is tolerate any Macy Gray slander. Not on this day.

Especially if you’re still flying a Blue Lives Matter (Blue Lives don’t exist) or Confederate (racist AND yall lost).

If you have any flags, stickers, shirts, masks, or anything else that has the thin blue line, Confederate flag, or that dumb Trump flag, you have no right to be upset that Macy Gray wants a redesign of the US flag (which has been done many times).

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Either way, Macy is sticking by her opinion.

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“I shouldn’t have to salute it, I shouldn’t have to honor it, I shouldn’t have to pledge to it,” she shared. “All I’m saying is, let’s redesign the flag for the rest of us who aren’t a part of that tribe.”

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