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Among all the things that changed our lives in the last five years, online video streaming platforms deserve a special mention. Giving us an abundant choice of shows and movies, the convenience of streaming from any place, and of course, the pleasure of binge-watching, these platforms are ensuring that there’s not a single moment of boredom. Almost all of us are guilty of being hooked to these platforms while we are travelling to work, catching the metro or a flight, or simply waiting for someone. This also pretty much explains why questions like, “What have you been watching lately?” or “Recommend me some good shows” have become common when we are hanging out with friends. What makes this on-demand mode of entertainment even bigger is the fact that it has engaging content for people from every age group. And if you just thought this is as big as it could get, we have some exciting news ahead!

Watch out for Watcho

While OTT platforms in India have been giving us enough binge-watch worthy content to keep us chained to our couches, we have to admit that it has been getting a little boring of late. Yes, there are plenty of shows and films- both international and local, to stay entertained but most mainstream OTT platforms seem to be playing around with the same formula, leaving us with not much to experiment. But in the digital world, you can’t stay bored for long! This is why Dish TV India, the DTH company that revolutionized the meaning of entertainment in the early 2000s, is here with its innovative OTT app Watcho. And trust us when we tell you that it is a platform like no other!

As a digital video content app, Watcho is packaging entertainment for you in a completely fresh format and one look at it’s offerings is enough to leave us impressed. Offering an array of new-age content that includes original series, short films, on-the-go snackable video content, celebrity collaborations, infotainment videos, and content across different languages, Watcho is winning viewers across the country. And that’s not all. Watcho also elevates you from being a plain content consumer to someone who can actively participate in the process of creation with its user-generated content segment called Watcho Swag. Further, with Watcho aur Jeeto, the app’s daily quiz show, you can even win Amazon vouchers worth up to Rs 8,000! With so much to offer, the Watcho experience is certainly an entertainment experience like no other. We give you a peek into Watcho’s numerous offerings in detail.

A single platform for all things entertainment

Now, we are all used to binging content on video platforms but imagine how magnified the entertainment experience can get when the platform is also powered to let you watch Live TV?
Watcho is offering 1000+ hours of library content that includes original shows, movies, short films, dramas, music videos, entertainment videos and short films. All of this content cuts across various genres like comedy, thriller, mythology, romance, lifestyle, food, fashion, poetry, and astrology among others. You also have a host of regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu to choose from. For this, the app has two dedicated sections- Watcho Spotlight and Watcho Originals. If this is not enough, you can also enjoy your favourite TV shows and news through live or catch-up TV. Watcho’s Live TV segment features some of the top television channels across the country across genres like entertainment, news, sports, knowledge, movies, and music. If you are looking for regional entertainment, you no longer have to sit in front of the television set as Watcho offers you some of the best entertainment and news channels in a host of regional languages as well. What more could you ask for?!

Create your own content with Watcho Swag

To make the app experience truly unique, Watcho also has a section for engaging user-generated content called Watcho Swag. We know how UGC content has been a major winner in the Indian entertainment landscape, and how scores of young people rose to fame by curating relatable and entertaining videos over the years. With Watcho Swag, you can create your own short format content across genres and become a part of the Watcho TalentHub. Ever since its launch, Swag has grabbed eyeballs across the country. With it, Watcho has been able to identify the huge talent pool of creators in India, providing them with a unique platform to produce quality content in multiple formats – short to very short videos and short films. This is helping a lot of people get exposure to a large audience and is also enhancing the entertainment experience for viewers.

Win upto Rs 8,000 everyday with Watcho Aur Jeeto

Imagine earning money while staying entertained. With Watcho, it is’t a dream any more. Engaging video consumption gets two times bigger with Watcho Aur Jeeto, Watcho’s interactive quiz contest for viewers that can help users win Amazon vouchers worth upto Rs 8,000! Watcho Aur Jeeto features daily quizzes with additional bonanza offers on weekends. The quiz revolves around different subjects like trending topics, entertainment, lifestyle, and popular shows on Watcho. Each round of quiz features a specific set of questions that is shared on the platform and is also telecast on Dish TV and D2H platforms throughout the day. To participate, all you have to do is log in on the Watcho App or on the website and submit your answers. Three winners are announced everyday and the app also features a leader board.Through this, Watcho has certainly earned some brownie points for innovation!

Entertainment that is economic

A lot of you might be shelling some big bucks to stay entertained through the OTT platforms you’ve subscribed to. But trust us when we tell you that
Watcho is one of the platforms offering the most versatile entertainment experience at the most economic rates. For getting access to Watcho’s host of entertainment options, users simply need to pay INR 49 (monthly) or INR 299 (annually) with exclusive subsidised subscription of INR 29 (monthly) and INR 199 (annually) for DishTV & D2H subscribers! Has staying entertained ever come so cheap? We don’t think so!

The DishTV Factor

With Watcho, Dish TV became the first-ever DTH Company in India to launch a dedicated OTT platform with its own original content. It is one of India’s most trusted entertainment platforms and has over 25 million + subscribers. Watcho is Dish TV’s new age answer to entertainment and if you are a loyal DishTV subscriber, it’s time you subscribe to it.

If you were looking to spruce up your entertainment needs,
Watcho is one platform that is set to offer you everything. Download the app today for a truly versatile video experience.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced by Watcho by Times Internet’s Spotlight team


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