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Man claims Earth will descend into three days of darkness


A self-proclaimed ‘time traveller from 2582’ has claimed in a viral video that a three-day complete blackout will torment the Earth within the next decade.

Time travel means moving a few years back or forward from your present time. Recently a TikTok user with the username @timetraveler2582 claimed to have travelled in the year 2582.

In one of the videos posted by the user, he claimed that something big will happen on the date June 6, 2026, on Earth. The social media user said, “Believe or not, this has indeed happened on June 6, 2026. Starting at 00h00 UTC on June 6, 2026, the Earth will enter into three days of darkness.”

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He also claimed the world will be plunged into darkness for three days straight, but that light would be seen “coming from the pyramids” in the sky. He also warned, “Do not look at them. Do not look up in the sky at the light coming from the pyramids. Do not use any man-made lighting except candles.”

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The user’s video has so far triggered thousands of responses from the viewers. Many asked for more details of the “lights from the pyramids” and what will happen after.

Even before this, many alleged time travellers have described their predictions but the evidence of their truth has not been found. The claim of this time traveller has increased the trouble of the people. Everyone wants to know how they will have to live during that time. The claim of time traveler can be a challenge for scientists.