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Man posing as IPS officer caught because of typo on business card


 A man pretending to be an IPS officer who delivered ‘motivational speeches’ on how to crack IIT and UPSC examinations turned out to be a school dropout.

20-year-old, Abhay Meena, was arrested by Jaipur Police for pretending to be an IPS officer and extorting people.

Apart from lecturing students on how to crack IIT and UPSC examinations, he attended Page 3 events and high-profile galas  like fashion shows, talk events without arousing suspicion from people around him.

He was investigated by the police when somebody checked his business card which misspelt the word branch as ‘branche’ and capital as ‘capitol’.

“He was a social media sensation. People were inspired by the story that somebody could become an IPS officer at such an early age.” Additional SP Karan Sharma told a leading daily. 

“We formed different teams to chase Meena. While one team traced Meena’s record, the other studied his social media profile and the third team personally chased him. And he was arrested on Thursday,” he added.

In his Facebook intro, he introduced himself as Assistant Commissioner of Police at the Crime Investigation Department (CID) who studied in IIT Delhi.

Meena’s live-in partner was also involved in this clever ruse.

He lived in Piloda village in Sawai Madhopur. Police seized an IPS uniform, a wireless set, three airguns and a fake ID card.

Using his fake identity card, he and his live-in partner stayed at expensive hotels and checked out without paying.

Many other cases will be opened up after thorough investigation, said the police officials.

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