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‘Mare of Easttown’: What real-life residents think of HBO show



There’s little crime writers love more than an absurdly violent small town where everybody’s got something to hide. Characters are denied the anonymity of the big city; here, everybody knows everybody, has history with everybody, is barely clinging to some little string of privacy they’ve sewn out of view. But when the killer tears out the thread of one life, everyone in the social fabric feels the garment’s tug and secrets come unbound.

Of course, in real life, small towns are usually not the setting of highly filmable crime sprees. A lot of people never really talk to their neighbors, and are happy to be oblivious to the problems of so-and-so’s daughter’s boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend — you remember her. Sometimes the drama is whether people are going to go for that tax hike to upgrade the sewer system. This brings us to HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” and the real Easttown township on the farthest outskirts of Philadelphia. In the hit crime show, Easttown is a grim killing ground where multiple young women have been kidnapped and held captive or brutally slain, vexing investigators.

“I can’t remember when the last homicide was here, if ever,” said Marc Heppe (pronounced “heppy”), chair of the Easttown Township board of supervisors, who agreed to be interviewed Friday about the real Easttown ahead of the “Mare of Easttown” finale. The big conflicts are over “a lot of NIMBY stuff” — new development and more traffic. But locals are proud of the show. “We have it posted as a banner on the township website. The director, Brad Ingelsby, hosted a special meeting at our library. I would say that folks here are equally happy for him and his production.”

The following Q&A has been condensed and edited for clarity.

How big is Easttown?

Easttown, population-wise, is about 10,500 people. It’s about eight square miles.

When was the last time you talked to a reporter? Do you remember?

Uh, no. Probably almost never.

So no one has called you to ask about this TV show?

No. I don’t know that they’ve called any of the supervisors. They have communicated with the chief of police; he was consulted on the filming … Funny you should ask that, just last week a reporter came to town and she wanted to see what the real Easttown is like, and she says ‘Oh my God … it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot of crime here.’ Which is true.

A portrait of a man wearing a bow tie and a smile

Marc Heppe is the chairman of the Easttown Township, Penn., board of supervisors.

(John Ansley Photography Studio)

Are you basically the mayor of Easttown?

No. A mayor would be boroughs. A township is a political subdivision in Pennsylvania … a borough has a mayor, as opposed to supervisors.

Easttown does not have a mayor?

No — well, there are probably some M-A-R-E’s here, because one of the highlights of this area is the Devon Horse Show. Which is very well known in the horse circuit and apparently is unique in this country in that it is in sort of like a town-village kind of a setting, as opposed to out in the country somewhere, very similar somewhat to how I’ve heard happens in Europe.

You’re telling me there is no mayor of Easttown but there are lots of mares of Easttown.

There’s probably a number of mares at the horse show, which is an annual event. I don’t know if I’m confusing you.

No, I completely follow what’s going on. Around town, how often do people talk to you about the show, “Mare of Easttown”? Is it something people are talking about?

You’re probably aware of the social media site called Nextdoor. It’s a frequent topic of conversation on there, at least when it first started. The topic usually surrounded Kate Winslet’s, I guess, ability or lack thereof to replicate the Delaware County Pennsylvania accent. That seemed to be a big topic of conversation — if she did a good job or if she didn’t.

Have you seen the show “Mare of Easttown”?

I have not. I’m probably the only person living that doesn’t have HBO. I’m waiting for it to get on Netflix or Amazon Prime or something like that.

So you don’t have any theories about who killed Erin.

I don’t know anything. The chief of police apparently knows how this wraps up.

How would you describe Easttown?

I’ve lived here for 36 years. It’s a neighborhood community. It’s a residential community with a relatively small business district. Route 30 runs east to west through the northern part of the township and all of the businesses are located along that stretch, which I’ll say is about a mile and a half long. It’s a very friendly, low crime, great school district community. It’s funny, I was in the Easttown neighborhood watch before I became a supervisor. I did that for about 20 years, and I’ve been a supervisor for 12, and the crime statistics from 30 years ago are pretty much the same they are now. Not a whole lot happens. It’s probably why the show wasn’t filmed here.

The Easttown depicted in the TV show, there are multiple homicides, kidnappings, drug abuse problems. It features a lot of people whose families seem to be in tension and falling apart. It does not depict a very sunshiny Easttown.

We have a good real estate market, new home construction, resale. People want to live here, and what you hear most often about is a lack of crime, but probably more often than that is the quality of the schools. … I know that the screenwriter-director lived here and went to school here and just bought a new home here. Maybe he was trying to relive something from his past.

To me it sort of seemed like a play on words, the mare, M-A-R-E, makes one think that this is about the Devon Horse Show. But it isn’t. To my knowledge.

In the TV show, one of the plot points of Kate Winslet’s character is that she hit a game-winning shot at a legendary basketball game 25 years ago, and that’s what people remember her for. Locally, is that something that you remember — sports accomplishments of local people 25 years ago? It’s a pretty common TV trope, and I wonder how realistic you think that is.

It’s pretty realistic. Some friends of mine that I grew up with, usually one of the topics of conversation is so-and-so running back from the local high school went on to the Eagles, so I would say that’s true.

Is there anything else you would want people out there to know about Easttown?

We feel honored that our name is being thrown out there. I think everybody is proud of that fact. … It’s a very friendly, sort of low-key suburban Philadelphia township. I wouldn’t say that nothing happens here, but very little. … I’m trying to figure out how to fund the fire department and those kinds of things.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Release Date, Spoilers, & Where to Read



Tokyo Revengers fans are eagerly waiting for the official release of chapter 233; well, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter’s release schedule.

Things are pretty intense for every character in the Tokyo Revengers manga series. The fight between the three most powerful gangs is still ongoing, and fans wonder which group will be victorious. Mikey, who had been watching the battle for a long time, finally came forward to defeat South in the previous chapter.

Up till now, it was tough for anyone to stand against the leader of Rokurara. However, Mikey straight up started dominating South in the fight. However, it would be interesting to see if Mikey will actually kill South in the end.

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Tokyo Revengers | OFFICIAL TRAILER



Tokyo Revengers | OFFICIAL TRAILER





Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Recap

In the previous chapter, we see Mikey starting his fight with South while everyone else watches the battle from afar. Mikey and South exchange a few punches, but at first, it was hard to see who was dominant in the fight. But suddenly, Takemichi interrupts the ongoing battle to prevent Mikey from killing South. Shockingly, that’s when we see South face’s all beaten up, and Rokuhara’s leader realizes that he can’t even move his body.

After that, we see Mikey asking Takemichi to move away and eventually breaking his arm. Finally, the chapter ends with Takemichi screaming in pain and Mikey moving ahead to kill South.

When Does Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Come Out?

Tokyo Revengers chapter 233 is scheduled to release worldwide on Tuesday, November 30th, or Wednesday, December 1st, depending on your region.

The upcoming chapter will be available to read in Japan on December 1st, but the release date would be November 30th for most international readers, thanks to the time difference.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Spoilers

Interestingly, some spoilers for the next Tokyo Revengers chapter are already out. According to the leaks on Twitter, it looks like Mikey is not done with Takemichi yet. In some panels, we can see Takemichi still trying to stop Mikey from becoming what he fears. But unfortunately, Mikey is blinded by his aggression, so he will beat Takemichi mercilessly until our boy is on the ground.

Tokyo Revengers live-action movie trailer



Tokyo Revengers live-action movie trailer





Where to read Tokyo Revengers?

Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine is the primary source to read new chapters of Tokyo Revengers. However, fans outside of Japan can visit Kodansha’s official website to own all volumes of the manga series digitally.

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covid: Karnataka resident doctors calls for indefinite strike from November 29 | Bengaluru News



BENGALURU: The Karnataka Association of Resident Doctors (KARD) has called for an indefinite strike from November 29 to protest against the non payment of their Covid allowance and non-reduction of fees.
The strike will mean withdrawal of all the elective services including OPDs and elective OTs (excluding emergency services) in all the medical colleges affiliated with KARD. While the association had announced a similar indefinite strike on November 9, it was called off after the minister for medical education promised to resolve it in 10 days time.
“It is unfortunate to note that the assurance given by minister of medical education has not been fulfilled. The intent to address the issue is clearly not visible as resident doctors were excluded from the package of Covid-Risk allowance announced recently by Government of Karnataka. We are left with no option but to display our dissent in this regard…” read a press release from the association.
The state had announced covid allowance of Rs 10,000 per month from April to all resident doctors. However, no money has been paid yet.
Also the academic fees was hiked from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,20,000, a near 400% hike. The students were not given any concession during Covid even when school fees where reduced.
The association has also pointed out to the repeated postponement of the NEET-PG counselling. “We would hereby like to urge upon the Union Government and the Supreme Court of India to take note of the grievance of resident doctors of the nation and to take necessary measures for expediting the NEET-PG 2021 counselling as well as admission process and to fast-track the Court proceedings on an urgent basis. In case there is no positive response, we will be forced to escalate our protest. The onus of any such unfortunate situation affecting healthcare services will be on the concerned authorities,” said another release from the association.

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Karnataka govt issues advisory for educational institutions amid spike in Covid cases. Details here



In view of concerns over recent Covid-19 clusters in Mysuru, Dharwad, and Bengaluru, Karnataka government on Sunday decided to implement a slew of stringent precautionary measures in educational institutions.

Karnataka government in an advisory following recent Covid-19 clusters in Mysuru, Dharwad, and Bengaluru said that all social and cultural events, conferences, seminars, academic events, etc. in educational institutions may be postponed for two months. 

The official statement issued by the Karnataka government informed that, “all students in medical and paramedical and other such educational institutions should be screened daily for symptoms of Covid-19. And the symptomatic should be tested and treated as per the guidelines already issued.” 

It said, “all students in medical and paramedical and other such educational institutions should be screened daily for symptoms of Covid-19. And the symptomatic should be tested and treated as per the guidelines already issued. 

All social and cultural events in educational institutions may be postponed for two months, it said.  

The official statement further informed, “conferences, seminars, academic events, etc. in educational institutions, wherever possible may be postponed. Alternatively, it could be conducted in hybrid mode, i.e. with minimal physical attendance and with more persons attending through virtual mode.”  

This comes a day after Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai chaired a meeting on Saturday in which instructions were given to increase vigil on the state’s borders. The Chief Minister gave directions for “strict monitoring at bordering districts of Kerala and Maharashtra and undertaking tight recce on National Highways”.

“It has been decided to impose a temporary ban on cultural programmes in schools and colleges, make the second dose of vaccination compulsory for those working in government offices, malls, hotels, cinema halls, zoos, swimming pools and libraries,” said Karnataka Revenue Minister, R Ashok briefing the media persons about the decisions taken at the meeting.

According to the statement, students in hostels who have got negative RTPCR test reports would have to get the RTPCR test done again on the 7th day after the first report.

“More intense testing for students in medical and nursing colleges will be compulsory. There will be a temporary ban on cultural programmes in schools and colleges,” it added.


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