Melvin Louis Leaks A Voice Recording EXPOSES Sana Khan


Melvin Louis Leaks A Voice Recording EXPOSES Sana Khan-A huge amount of discussion has been made since the time past Bigg Boss challenger Sana Khan surrendered it with Melvin Louis. She had before reprimanded him for undermining her and made a couple of various exposures that shook watchers. Directly, amidst the reports on the performer taking a real course, the move choreographer has discharged a voice recording, which he is attesting revealed Sana’s reality.

Melvin took to his Instagram to share the voice recording through a post. Find underneath the conversation between the two

Melvin: before my sidekicks, kya associates?

M: I’m sure that is your point.

S: Yea, ofcourse, that is my point.

The conversation goes onto Melvin communicating how she needs to don’t hesitate to censure him for cheating transparently to go around being have to give a clarification for leaving him. To this, Khan agrees as she could be heard saying, “yea, yea.”

Melvin Louis has shared the entire voice recording with the caption that hits at the on-screen character for mocking him, and his concealing. “You mocked me! You disparaged my race and my skin concealing ! You criticized my family ! You criticized my most cherished people with sickening charges ! You did your best ! I believe you feel better now PUBLICLY !

P.S : For every last one of the people who didn’t condemn unnecessarily smart or bounce to make expedient closures , I review your names and you have my respect ! Thankful to you for not condemning externally #LoveAndRespectToAll#PooraAudioNoteSunogeTohGirJaaoge #BasAbhiDoneZyadaDramaNahi,” read his engraving.

Sana: I have to humiliate you, the truth is to feel significantly better. Uninhibitedly! (crying)


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