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‘Midnight Cowboy,’ ‘Coming Home’ Producer Was 92 – Deadline



Jerome Hellman, the producer of landmark films such as Midnight Cowboy and Coming Home has died. The Oscar winner’s wife, Elizabeth Empleton Hellman, confirmed Hellman’s May 26 passing saying simply, “we will miss him terribly.” He was 92.

Hellman’s films helped define the “New Hollywood” of the 1970s. He tended to work repeatedly with a circle of top-notch collaborators and the films Hellman produced came from iconic directors such as John Schlesinger, Hal Ashby, George Roy Hill, Irvin Kershner and Peter Weir.

That Hellman would win Best Picture for Schlesinger’s Midnight Cowboy in 1970 was, at the very least, improbable. Hellman was going through a tough divorce. The film was based on a little-known novel. Schlesinger didn’t think Dustin Hoffman was right to play Ratso Rizzo. But Hellman fought for the Graduate actor. Also, the film was X-rated and dealt with homosexuality, prostitution and a gritty slice of America rarely seen on the big screen.

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But the timing was right, and the low-budget masterpiece went on to big box office returns and three Academy Awards, including Hellman’s Best Picture win, Director for Schlesinger and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium for Waldo Salt.

“I was so sure we weren’t going to win I didn’t even prepare a speech,” Hellman told the Los Angeles Times’ Patrick Goldstein in 2005. “I probably only said 10 words. It must’ve been the shortest speech in the history of the Oscars. I didn’t thank John [Schlesinger] or the actors or my mother or father.”

Schlesinger didn’t take it personally. In 1975, he re-teamed with Hellman for an adaptation of Nathaniel West’s great Hollywood novel, Day of the Locust, starring Donald Sutherland, Karen Black and Burgess Meredith. That film was nominated for two Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor for Meredith.

Hellman struck gold again with his next picture, Coming Home. The Hal Ashby-directed film was both a critical and commercial success. Like Midnight Cowboy, it was made on a modest budget — estimated at $3 million — and delivered $32 million at the box office. Like Midnight Cowboy, it seemed to capture the zeitgeist with its story of a military wife (Jane Fonda), who falls for a wheelchair-bound Vietnam War vet (Jon Voight) whom she meets while her husband (Bruce Dern) is deployed in Vietnam. Like Midnight Cowboy, the film won three Oscars, including Best Actor, Actress and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, which was shared in part by Midnight Cowboy collaborator Waldo Salt. Hellman also received a Best Picture nomination for the film.

The producer followed that success with his directorial debut. Promises in the Dark was supposed to be another reunion with Schlesinger, but when the director fell out and the project languished, Hellman took up the reins himself. The film became one of the first from Orion Pictures. Like all Hellman projects, the film had a stellar cast, including Marsha Mason, Ned Beatty and Susan Clark, but it was not well received. The new York Times’ Vincent Canby called it “blandly written, directed and acted.” It was six years before Hellman made another film.

That next project was based on Paul Theroux’s novel, The Mosquito Coast — subject matter which has recently been revisited as an Apple+ series. Hellman reportedly bought the rights to the novel as soon as it was published in 1981. Jack Nicholson was originally offered the lead, but declined. The film’s financing also fell out.

While Hellman sought to reinvigorate the project, Weir went and made Witness with Harrison Ford, whose interest was sparked by the project. Hellman then found financing via Saul Zaentz and distribution through Warner Bros.

The film was neither critically nor financially successful but, like another Ford-starring movie from the ’80s — Blade Runner — its stock has risen.

Importantly, the film included the last big-screen performance from Butterfly McQueen, who was in Gone With the Wind. It was also the last film that Heller produced.

His other producing credits include George Roy Hill’s The World of Henry Orient in 1964, and Irvin Kershner’s A Fine Madness in 1966.

Heller’s only role as an actor came in Ashby’s 1979 classic Being There alongside Peter Sellars who had starred 15 years earlier in Heller’s producing debut, Henry Orient.

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Minnesota Republicans take aim at President Joe Biden ahead of today’s visit to state



In a set of news releases and a morning news conference, Minnesota GOP officials and lawmakers pointed to Biden’s lagging approval ratings and called on the president to address pressing issues affecting Minnesotans. Biden is set to speak at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota, about the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was recently signed into law.

The city is part of the politically split 2nd Congressional District, where Democratic U.S. Rep. Angie Craig narrowly won reelection in 2020. Craig is set to join Biden for his visit, as will other Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor policymakers.

“The Democrats know Angie Craig is in serious jeopardy of losing her seat in 2022 and are using their deeply flawed infrastructure legislation as an excuse to bring Joe Biden in to save Craig’s floundering political career,” said Republican Tyler Kistner, who ran against Craig in 2020 and is set to again challenge the congresswoman in 2022.

GOP lawmakers said the visit would offer them an opportunity to contrast Republican priorities against those of the Biden administration and Democrats. And they said they supported projects that were included in the proposal but felt there were too many non-infrastructure pieces added to it.

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“We deserve better and we’re certainly going to push back on many of these failed policies,” said Rep. Pete Stauber, a Republican representing the state’s 8th Congressional District.

White House officials have said Biden will tout the infrastructure plan and how it could improve the flow of supply chains around the country, reducing bottlenecks and resulting delays. Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chair Ken Martin on Tuesday said the passage of the massive plan was proof that Biden was able to break through partisan gridlock.

“Despite being in office for less than a year, President Biden has already delivered for Minnesotans everywhere,” Martin said.

Craig in a news release on Tuesday said the package will create jobs in Minnesota and show “that we’re working tirelessly to make good on our promises, and that we’re committed to working on a bipartisan basis to get it done.”

The federal boost is set to fund more than $4 billion in improvements to Minnesota highways, $818 million for public transportation investments and $302 million to help repair and replace bridges, according to the White House. The plan will also fund broadband expansion, port and airport improvements, water quality projects and electric car charging stations in the state.

State transportation officials have said the funds could allow Minnesota to move forward with projects earlier than they’d planned. More than 661 bridges and 4,986 miles of highway in Minnesota are considered to be in poor condition by the White House.

Minnesota’s congressional delegation split almost on party lines on the infrastructure proposal. All of the state’s Republicans, along with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, voted against the proposal, while the other Democrats voted in favor. Omar said she wanted the infrastructure package to come up for a vote alongside a larger spending plan.

Biden in 2020 won Minnesota with a 7-percentage point advantage over then-President Donald Trump. But Biden’s approval rating has declined during his first year in office.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates later in the day.

Follow Dana Ferguson on Twitter @bydanaferguson, call 651-290-0707 or email [email protected]

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Would Pence Challenge Trump in 2024?



Mike Pence spent much of his vice presidency quietly catering to the whims of President Donald Trump. But on January 6, he broke with Trump by refusing to overturn the 2020 election results. And now, Pence is eyeing a presidential run of his own, even though his old boss hasn’t ruled out a 2024 campaign. Pence wouldn’t necessarily stay out of the race even if Trump jumps in.

“If you know the Pences, you know they’ll always try to discern where they’re being called to serve,” Marc Short, Pence’s former chief of staff, told me. “And I don’t think that is dependent on who else is in or not in the race.”

A 2024 Pence campaign looks futile no matter the scenario. If Trump runs, he’ll rally the same MAGA zealots who refuse to believe he lost the last election. And if Trump opts out, Pence isn’t his natural successor; he may have spoiled any hope of inheriting the Republican base when he defied Trump on January 6. Scanning the Republican universe, it’s hard to detect a glimmer of a Pence-for-president movement of any sort. Which leaves GOP operatives asking a version of the same question: What in the world is Mike Pence thinking?

Sarah Longwell is an anti-Trump Republican strategist who has led dozens of focus groups since the 2020 election with hard-core Trump voters, reluctant Trump voters, and 2016 Trump voters who switched to Joe Biden last year. “Pence doesn’t do well with anybody,” she told me. People make faces when she mentions Pence’s name, faces that convey a collective nah. Or maybe meh, she said, thinking it over. But the impression they leave is obvious enough, she added: “Not interested.”

As of this point, Pence hasn’t decided whether to run, his advisers say. For now, he’s focused on helping Republicans win back congressional majorities in the 2022 midterm elections. But he’s also making the sorts of moves that typically precede a presidential bid. Since leaving office on January 20, he’s been showing up in states that hold early presidential contests: New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa. Next month he’s set to return to New Hampshire for a Republican fundraising event. He’s writing a book and has started a podcast, American Freedom, that is a platform to reintroduce himself to voters after four years as Trump’s mostly subservient No. 2. Speaking in a flat baritone, the erstwhile talk-radio host mixes treacly odes to public service with sharp critiques of Biden’s record. One episode devoted to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks opens with Pence denouncing “the failed leadership of the Biden administration” and closes with a vignette of him and other lawmakers singing “God Bless America” on the steps of the U.S. Capitol after the attacks.

“I will tell you, on that day and in the weeks and months that followed, there were no Republicans in Washington, D.C.,” Pence tells his listeners. “There were no Democrats in Washington, D.C. It was just Americans. Everybody rolled up their sleeves and did what needed to be done.” (Left unsaid is that he later abetted a president who politicized virtually every random bit of human experience, including wearing a mask and watching a football game, and who stirred up the insurrectionists before what was perhaps the most unsettling day on U.S. soil since 9/11.)

Former Vice President Dan Quayle has told me that he advised Pence back in 2012 that if he wanted to run for president, the Indiana governor’s office would be a better springboard than Congress. (Pence campaigned for the statehouse office that year and won.) A cold-eyed political calculus suggests that 2024 would be Pence’s best and maybe last real shot. He’ll be 65 by the next inauguration, and fresher faces are emerging in Republican politics, notably Glenn Youngkin, the incoming Virginia governor who won a state that Biden had captured a year ago by 10 points. “Someone like Glenn Youngkin is the future,” Sarah Chamberlain, the president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group that promotes centrist policies, told me. “He would be a wonderful presidential candidate.”

Still, Pence has been mulling a presidential run for years, and such ambitions aren’t easily quashed. He remains in demand for GOP fundraising and campaign events, a means to cement alliances. Some Republicans see a rationale for Pence’s potential candidacy built on his conservative credentials.

Pence’s chances in the ’24 race brighten if Trump stays out. Right now, Trump is sounding like a candidate, though some people who have worked with him suspect he’ll ultimately stand down. “Trump won’t run,” John Kelly, who was Trump’s longest-serving chief of staff, told me. “He’ll continue talking about it; he may even declare, but he will not run. And the reason is he simply cannot be seen as a loser.” John Bolton, who was Trump’s former national security adviser, predicted much the same thing.

Whatever Trump’s future, for Pence to be competitive in a Republican presidential primary race, he’d need to assemble a coalition of fellow evangelical Christians, cultural conservatives, and a chunk of mainstream Republicans who appreciate that he upheld Biden’s victory. Pence’s apostasy on January 6 drew Trump’s ire, but his actions that day helped preserve the notion that voters pick the winners. Is anyone willing to give him credit? Perhaps, but it’s also a fair bet those who might do so still resent Pence for obliging Trump through years of chaos.

It’s hard not to see Pence as the author of his own misfortune. Listening to his podcast, one hears a politician who sounds like a throwback to a pre-Trump era. He criticizes the Biden administration for “one crisis after another” though the twice-impeached Trump presided over the lengthiest government shutdown in history and a pandemic. Pence tsktsks about graffiti scrawled on a federal building in Portland, Oregon, without mentioning that the insurrectionists spread feces through the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Trump dismantled the Republican Party and remade it into a vehicle for his own promotion. Pence enabled that makeover. Yet he is now acting as if the old establishment party that gave rise to Bob Dole and Howard Baker is still intact and his to reclaim.

“He stood by while the party was actively changed by Trump, and now it’s not interested in politicians like him anymore,” Longwell said.

What, then, is Pence thinking? Maybe that if a former reality-TV star can upend the laws of politics and become president, so can he.

Pence is “one of the most likable people in either party,” Mick Mulvaney, another former Trump White House chief of staff, told me. And yet: “What is Mike Pence offering that 15 other people aren’t offering—other than having been vice president, which I’m not sure is very compelling these days.”

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[18+] Love Lesson (2013) English [Subtitles Added] Web-DL Download | 480p [300MB]



✅ Download Love Lesson (2013) English [Subtitles Added] available to download in 480p, 720p qualities. 480p in 300MB, 720p in 900MB in MKV Format. This Hollywood movie based on Drama, Adult, Romance . The main stars of the movie are Sun Yeong Kim, Joon-Suk Byun, Ji-hyeok Min.

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Movie Information

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Quick Story Line

Hee-Soo is a lonely composer who is not doing very well with her work. New ideas flow when she meets a high school boy who wants to learn how to play the piano.

Love Lesson (2013) Fancy Walk – An adult rated love lesson between a woman and a boy she runs into. The Korean version of “Private Lessons”. Korea’s most popular song writer Hee-soo (Kim Seon-yeong) runs into a nineteen-year-old boy in the elevator. Hee-soo is inspired by a new song watching him shake at her figure. She starts to tell him about women under the excuse that she’s teaching him music. They fall for each other but things get complicated when her life teacher, Joon-ho who taught her about life and music comes back.

within a prestigious female high school. Right after Yuzuki Muto entered school, she becomes a member of the Torture Club. The club trains students secretly to enter military and police fields as interrogation experts. Senior student Aoi Funaki, who is a member of the club, tortures members including Yuzuki Muto.

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