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Mindy Kaling Responds to Backlash About Velma in ‘Scooby-Doo’ Spinoff



  • Mindy Kaling, 42, appeared on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Thursday. 
  • Kaling pushed back at criticism over a “Scooby-Doo” spinoff that will depict Velma as South Asian.
  • She questioned why some people couldn’t imagine the character Velma as an Indian woman.
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Mindy Kaling said she “couldn’t understand” criticism around the “Scooby-Doo” character Velma, who has often been depicted as white, being reimagined as South Asian for an animated spinoff series of the TV show.

Kaling discussed fans’ reactions to the upcoming

series during an appearance on the “Late Night With Seth Meyers” that aired Thursday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the adult animated show will focus on the origin story of Velma Dinkley, and Kaling will voice the beloved Mystery Inc. sleuth. 

Although the character has previously been portrayed as white, as Sakshi Venkatraman wrote for NBC News, Velma hasn’t always been played by white actors. Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez voiced Velma in the 2020 animated movie “Scoob.” Also, Hayley Kiyoko, an actress and singer of Japanese descent, voiced the character from 2009 to 2019 in “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins” and “Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.” 

“When it was announced that I was going to do the voice of Velma, people were very supportive and happy on Twitter,” Kaling, 42, told Meyers. “So I felt great because these are really intense fans — cartoon, comic book fans.” 

Wide preview of Mindy Kaling and "Scooby-Doo" character Velma Dinkley.

Mindy Kaling will voice Velma Dinkley in “Velma,” a spinoff of “Scooby-Doo.”

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images; ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Kaling continued, telling Meyers that some people didn’t agree that the character Velma should be reimagined as South Asian.

“There was a lot of, ‘So, not Velma?’ Those kinds of tweets,” Kaling told Meyers. “‘Not the classic Velma that I’m always thinking about?'” 

She continued: “First of all, I didn’t know that she elicited such strong reactions in either direction. She’s such a great character, she’s so smart, and I just couldn’t understand how people couldn’t imagine a really smart, nerdy girl with terrible eyesight who loved to solve mysteries, could not be Indian. There are Indian nerds.” 

“It shouldn’t be a surprise to people, but people are like, ‘No, no, no,” Kaling added. 

Kaling acknowledged that the criticism came from a “small percentage of people,” but told Meyers that the negative response made her consider the importance of the character.

“It made me think, ‘OK, we’ve got to be really careful with this character,’ which we will be, because we love her and she’s going to have great adventures,” Kaling said.

Kaling is not the first star to address criticism surrounding casting decisions that reimagine characters previously depicted as white as another race. Singer and “Grown-ish” actress Halle Bailey, who faced backlash after being cast as Ariel in an upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” said in 2019 that she ignores the “negativity” from people who criticized the casting decision.

Freeform, which is owned by Disney, shared a statement at the time on Instagram and Twitter, defending Bailey’s role as Ariel.

“Yes, the original author of ‘The Little Mermaid’ was Danish. Ariel… is a mermaid,” Freeform wrote in a post shared in 2019. “Danish mermaids can be black because Danish people can be black.”

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No Covid positive case in district | Ludhiana News



Ludhiana: No Covid positive case was reported in the district on Monday.
With no Covid death registered on the day, the district’s toll tally stands at 2,110 and that of outsiders here is 1,060.
To date, 28,83,142 samples have been tested.
The district’s case count is 87,662 and that of outsiders here is 11,739.
So far, 85,537 patients have recovered, which constitutes 97.58% of the total cases.
There are 15 active cases. On the day, 3,026 samples were collected.


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Cristiano Ronaldo sent ‘damning warning’ as Ralf Rangnick plots Manchester United rebuild – Jake Stokes



Ralf Rangnick has been officially appointed as Manchester United’s interim manager until the end of the season. With this news, every fan is waiting to see what changes he makes at Old Trafford.

The former Lokomotiv Moscow head of sport and development, who will continue beyond his interim tenure, taking up a consultancy role for two years, has an attractive CV following his fruitful work in the Bundesliga.

With fans excited to see what adjustments Rangnick will make to the Red Devils, United On My Mind writers Omar Garrick and Casey Evans put their heads together via Manchester Evening News’ Facebook live to speculate what the German will do on his first day on the job.

Evans kick-started proceedings by suggesting what United’s new boss may do to ensure an impact is made in such a quick turnaround of fixtures.

CE: “I feel like Rangnick’s going to be the classic, ‘I have some notes’ manager where on his first day he’ll sit everyone down and take appointments in his office.

“He’ll go through everyone, and he’ll be like, ‘look, I’ve marked out these mistakes – stop doing that and do that instead’, and he’ll go through things.

Just like you, we can’t get enough of Manchester United! That’s why we’ve decided to supplement our expansive United coverage on the Manchester Evening News with a more fan-oriented platform catered specifically to United fans – United On My Mind.

Writers and presenters who share your passion for the red side of Manchester will be producing written, visual and audio content to reflect the mood in the stands as well as the press box.

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“He’ll have notes; there are little things where he’ll have to be frank with people, and I think that’s the manager he seems to be. In this short period, I think that is all he can do.”

“He’ll then work on the set-pieces, work on the pressing, work on the fitness and do all that sort of stuff. In the initial stages, he’ll just be looking to solve little things in peoples games.

Evans continued by speculating how Rangnick’s approach in his opening days could spell the end of Bruno Ferndandes’ and Cristiano Ronaldo’s reign.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes

CE: “Bruno Fernandes, he’ll probably go, ‘don’t make those passes, those passes are awful – they make me want to cry, stop trying to hero-ball it and look for some runs.’

“He’ll probably say to Ronaldo, ‘look, are you going to press?’ – the fact is he won’t instantly go to Ronaldo and drop him, but he’ll probably have a conversation with him outlining his expectations.

“That’ll be the same with everyone, and if they don’t meet those expectations, where he’s trying to implement a system that requires discipline and tactics, he’ll swap them out for someone more willing. The system is reliant on everyone being 100 per cent committed.”

Follow our United On My Mind trends writer Jake Stokes on Twitter and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Law & Order SVU confirms more returning cast this season



Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will bring back more familiar faces to the precinct in season 23.

TVLine reports that fan-favourite cast member Donal Logue will be returning to SVU for a January 22 episode as hard-nosed NYPD lieutenant Declan G Murphy.

Murphy is fresh off a two-year stint going deep undercover for a case and returns to the Special Victims Unit with a crucial request for his old colleague Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

The two will join forces on high-priority hate crime cases that will also bring back NYPD sergeant Hasim Khaldun (​​Ari’el Stachel) as they search for who’s behind the sick crimes.

law  order special victims unit

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The sudden reappearance of Khaldun and Murphy could cause some complications for the hate crime investigation because they both have romantic ties to Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish).

Murphy learned he’s the father of Rollins’ daughter Jesse shortly before he had to leave the precinct in 2015, while Khaldun had a connection with her while they worked undercover a few years back.

This season has already featured several nods back through the Law & Order franchise, including a special appearance from Dann Florek reprising his Law & Order homicide captain Donald Cragen.

the svu must contend with an angry neighborhood watch group when a girl goes missing near a building housing several sex offenders guest starring ari’el stachel, mark cayne and michael dempsey

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Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) popped up to reopen a cold case in October, while district attorney Rafael Barba (Raúl Esparza) intervened in the trial of crime boss Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott).

NBC has announced a crossover event with Law & Order: Organized Crime next Thursday (December 9) where Benson and Stabler desperately search for Eli Stabler while Wheatley goes on trial.

Law & Order: SVU airs Thursdays on NBC in the US. The show airs on Sky Witness in the UK, with select episodes available on NOW.

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