Movie ‘The Eyes and The Ears’ screened at Shaurya Smarak

The security of nation is the priority of Indian army and hence they work round the clock for it. A military movie depicting the cintribution of technicians and Security forces were showcased through the film ‘The Eyes and The Ears’. The film was screened on Tuesday at Shaurya Smarak

The film is produced by The Film Division of India and is directed by Rajesh Gupta. It is to be noted that every day movies based on the bravery of the Indian army, air force, navy and police are being screened at Shaurya Smarak. The regular film screening is being organised as a tribute to their contributions and their sacrifices.

The modern military technology has made the brave soldiers more powerful along with security as a living proof of the amazing valor. Now the latest technology and equipment in our military sector has made revolutionary changes. With whose help you get immediate information about the exact attack and the movements of the enemy.

The means of communication have also increased the success of military operations. The use of all these has increased the confidence of the soldiers. The three great armies of the country have been enriched by the strength of military technology and soldiers.

The military film is about how the role of military technology developed and useful over time is playing a role in the security of our armies and countries, modern radar technology has emerged as a new factor in the defense sector.

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