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Movies Anywhere Launches ‘Deal of the Day’ Widget for iOS

Movies Anywhere Launches ‘Deal of the Day’ Widget for iOS | Cord Cutters News


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The Movies Anywhere app has launched its first-ever widget for iOS. The new Deal of the Day widget will take the guesswork out of figuring out what to watch by displaying personalized deal recommendations based on users’ watch history and saved movies.

Deal of the Day will scour through all the current eligible discounts to feature ones you’ll be interested in so you can save on your movie might pick with deals starting as low as $4.99.

Deal of the Day launched today and will now be available for iOS 14 users who have installed Movies Anywhere’s 1.42.0 build. After installing this update and opening the Movies Anywhere app, the Deal of the Day widget will appear in the widget gallery and can be added directly to the Movies Anywhere app’s home screen.


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