Mrs. Serial Killer Made Jacqueline harder express feelings and accent


Mrs serial killer is an Indian Netflix thriller, written and directed by Shirish under. Jacqueline Fernandez plays the main lead as a pregnant woman whose husband is accused of serial killing.

Mrs. Serial Killer REVIEWS went worse than expectations

Manoj Bajpayee is the husband, a gynecologist accused of killing and mutilating six single pregnant girls. Mohit Raina is the cop who gets him arrested and who also has a history with his wife.

The wife, in order to prove her husband innocent, now has to show that the serial killer is still at large. For that, she has to kidnap and kill a pregnant girl in the same manner as the unknown killer.

MRS serial killer’s premise is intriguing but thats the only thing interesting about the film. After the decent setup, the movie goes downhill thanks to a combination of bad acting, writing, and editing.

The second act especially feels slugging and ridiculous as the film struggles to find a balance between black humor and being serious. The climax feels somewhat better purely because manjo bajpayee’s OTT performance is kinda entertaining.

As the lead, Jacqueline feels like a fish out of water trying hard to land her expressions and accent right. Mohit Raina is average in an under-written character.


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