Mujhse Shaadi Karoge 5th March 2020 Written Episode Update


Mujhse Shaadi Karoge fifth March 2020 Written Episode Update: There is a great deal of conversation about the unscripted TV drama. One scene saw a battle between Shahnaz Gill and his sibling Shahbaz. After this, Shahnaz Gil additionally began crying. As per the secret, Shehnaz told Bhai Shahbaz that he is a direct result of him in the show. After this Shahbaz said that he ought not say as much. After this, Shahnaz said that don’t manhandle me and remain in your breaking point.

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Written Update

Shehnaz further discloses to her sibling on the show to keep Ego tense. After this, Shahbaz says something to that effect Shahnaz begins crying. In another mystery, Heena and Shahnaz are seen waxing Balraj’s hands. As a result of this Balraj is by all accounts in a difficult situation. Simultaneously, there is a generally excellent holding among Shehnaz and Balraj in the show and the fans are likewise preferring it. Tell us that Paras is likewise making a ton of features right now. Fans like to see them as well.

Paras Chhabra and Shahnaz Gill’s show Mujhse Shaade Karge Koge is getting a ton of affection from the crowd. Fans are getting a charge out of the turn and contort coming day by day in the show. Right now in the show, there is a war between the young ladies and the young men about Shehnaaz.

Simultaneously, Navdish and Heena are going to see a savage battle by and by. Where Heena remarks about Navdish resting with Shahbaz, after which Navdish blows up and from the outset the two battle with their mouths, after which the issue turns out to be terrible to such an extent that the two even lift their hands on one another. It appears. During this time something happens that Paras recalls his ex Akanksha Puri.

As a matter of fact taking a gander at Sanjana, Paras says that I am frightened at this point. On the off chance that I state anything over this, anything can occur. After this, Paras says to Shehnaaz that it is actually similar to my EX key. Its tendency is much the same as that. At the present time I see my EX in it. On hearing the expressions of Paras, Shahnaz begins chuckling uproariously. In the last scene, it was demonstrated that while sitting in a room, Shahnaz and Paras are watching out for the jokes of the considerable number of families.

During this, Mayank takes Jasleen to a corner and requests her inclination. He discloses to Jasleen that you are keen on Mayur and not in Paras. Jasleen chuckles and says that there is no fellowship. Mayank says that this chuckling is telling everything.


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