Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Lead Actor Paras Chhabra really looking forward to Akanksha Puri’s money?


‘Bigg Boss 13’ is finished however the hopefuls who took an interest in it are as yet standing out as truly newsworthy today. Simultaneously, numerous couples were likewise in the conversation during the show. After the finish of the show, where everybody engaged in their work, Paras Chhabra is occupied with unscripted TV drama ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’. Paras is taking a great deal of TRPs for this show. Aside from the show, Paras is likewise in conversation about his own life. Paras is continually in the news for his ex Akansha Puri. Numerous things were uncovered in the Bigg Boss house in regards to both. Them two likewise blamed each other for some charges. In an ongoing meeting, Paras uncovered reality of his relationship with Akanksha.

Paras Chhabra has been stating consistently that the issue was going on among him and Akanksha for quite a while. While conversing with Bombay Times as of late, Paras jabbered about his relationship with his ex-instruction. Paras said in the meeting, ‘While I was entering the show, I had just revealed to Akanksha that we would discuss it in the wake of returning from the show. In any case, I didn’t comprehend what happened to Akanksha. Akanksha realized that the two of us are getting isolated in light of the fact that everything isn’t working out in a good way between us. It was never similar to I got this show thus I chose to leave Akanksha.

Paras at that point proceeded to state, ‘I don’t comprehend why Akansha is guaranteeing that she was sending my garments and taking care of my level and ledgers? Akanksha realized that things were reaching a conclusion among us.

Paras stated, ‘I was monetarily secure and not subject to him. With this, I never solicited Akansha to take care from my level or financial balances. I later discovered that Akanksha was picking my garments and sending them. I never mentioned him. In the event that she truly adored me, she wouldn’t do this for appear. What was her explanation behind demonstrating to others that she was working for me? I don’t have the foggiest idea about this time.’


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