The storyline revolving around Mumbai has always been a theme of many movies before. Sanjay Gupta previously made two films- SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA, SHOOTOUT AT WADALA. He comes back again now with a similar movie “Mumbai Saga”. The big names in this genre like John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi starred in the action-packed Bollywood Movie. Their popularity increases the hype for the movie before its release. Now, does the Mumbai Saga succeed in attracting the audience or fail to do so? Let’s dive into the insight of whether it is a hit or a flop?

Mumbai Saga Trailer

Mumbai Saga revolves around a gangster and his typical feud with the cop. The movie is set in the ‘80s, Amartya Rao (John Abraham), lives in Mumbai with his father, wife, and brother. They had to pay bribes (bhata) to Gaitonde (Amole Gupta)’s people while selling. Amartya’s brother Arjun bursts into anger with one of the criminals and they throw him into the bridge. He got saved by Amartya at the edge of time, otherwise, Arjun would have lost his job. Amartya previously did not get in touch directly with the goons. But his anguish reached the sky when he almost lost Arjun.

Bhau Mahesh Mnjrekar

He attacks the Gaitonde’s men and beats them a lot. Gaitonde operates from jail and uses his influence to get Amartya behind bars. Unfortunately, he got in the same jail as Gaitonde. His frontman attacks Amartya in the prison but gets beaten up by Amartya easily, making him more dangerous than before. Amartya got bail by the reference of Bhau (Mahesh Mnjrekar). Bhau asked Amartya to work for him and help him in grabbing Gaitonde.

He soon gets to know everything about the underworld and especially Gaitonde’s operating areas. Gaitonde finally gets defeated and accepts it too. Now fast forward to 12 years, Arjun is now a grown-up boy and living in the UK. Amartya sent him to the UK to make him safe from the dirty underworld. In the meantime, Sunil Khaitan, who has a mill inherited from his elders. Sunil decides to expel all the workers, destroy the mill and sell the property away.

He takes the help of Gaitonde to fulfill his plan. Bhau asked Amartya to stop the demolition of Khaitan Mill, this will make mill workers vote for Bhau. Amartya warned Sunil of his actions, Sunil tells Gaitonde about Amartya’s anger. To teach him a lesson, Gaitonde tries to kill Arjun when he comes back for a while. Arjun survives and Amartya ends up killing Sunil Khaitan. In grief and anger, Sonali (Sunil’s widow) reports to the police station and announces a Rs 10 crore reward for the one who kills Amartya.  Vijay Savarkar (Emraan Hashmi) gets to know about the offer and decides to kill Amartya by any means. The other half of the story focuses on this twist by the writers.

direction of Sanjay Gupta

The direction of Sanjay Gupta is fine and portrays the story in an interesting and entertaining way. The narrative has deep roots in the movie’s storyline. Mainly, the major characters of Amartya and Savaskar get the spotlight. On the downside, some characters do not get enough time on the screen. Sanjay Gupta does not appear in the second half, especially in the peak moments. The length in the second half of the movie is problematic as well.

Sanjay Gupta’s storyline is interesting to watch, the movie is packed with action and thrill. Mumbai Saga is based on true life events. The screenplay by Robin Bhatt and Sanjay Gupta is unique and amazing. The writers tried their best to avoid the audience and focus mainly on the storyline of the movie. Some moments in this movie are really catchy and deserve appraisal. The film progresses at a fast pace and viewers do not get bored either. Another thing that enhances the movie’s interest is its dialogues that sync well with the plot of the movie. 

MUMBAI SAGA Starts On A High Note

MUMBAI SAGA starts on a high note with the clashes between a politician and gangsters and the associated storyline. The film is not slow and comes to the point instantly when Amartya has to join the underworld to protect his brother Arjun. The starting scene where Amartya beats the Gaitonde men will surely be loved by the audience. Other scenes in which Amartya gets in jail with Gaitonde also hold the weightage. The peak point of the movie is Sunil Khaitan’s murder. After the first half, the fight between Amartya and Savaskar keeps the audience hooked to their seats. The last part could have been more thrilling and better. 

If we talk about the actors and their performance in the movie, John Abraham is indeed taking the lead with his amazing and rocking performance. He nailed the role of a gangster and does his absolute best in the action scenes. Emraan Hashmi comes in the second part of the movie, but he steals the show in every scene. His dialogue delivery makes his performance up to the mark. Prateik Babbar is just fine, Kajal Aggarwal and Anjana Sukhani do not hold much screen time than anticipated. Tithi Raaj, Gulshan Grover look amazing as well, Mahesh Manjrekar justified his role as a clever politician. 

Rohit Bose Roy, who is Amartya’s close person, acts well but in the last part of the movie, his role creates some confusion. All the other supporting actors work well too and shine in their respective roles. 

Cinematography by Shikhar Bhatnagar

The cinematography by Shikhar Bhatnagar is superb, the production design and costume department do their job well too. VFX by Nube Cirrus is good at peak scenes, the editing section needs some improvement to leave a mark. The music does not have much impact on this movie due to the nature of its genre. There are two songs in the film, ‘Danka Baja’ is amazing and ‘Shor Machega’ do not sync with the theme of the movie well. The background sound defines the action and thrill portrayed in the movie. 

As a whole, MUMBAI SAGA is an action-packed film full of thrills and twists. It is filled with top-notch performances, exceptional dialogues, and delivers in every aspect. This movie deserved to be watched by the audience in the theatres and gets applause as well. Mumbai Saga received good reviews from movie critics. 

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